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Guide For Compressed Drivers Unattended Install


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[quote name='serialzs' post='175178' date='Aug 24 2004, 10:32 AM']@all

Here is the new guide, a more EASY to USE... :thumbup

If you're having any trouble I am willing to help...


im really sorry for the DRVZ.EXE... i dont know the rules of scanning hardware that tym... NOW Heres the new Guide try it...[/quote]

Just follow the Instruction in Pyron's Method then add 'that' code in the top of presetup.cmd.
Compress all your drivers.
Put the Compressed Driver FILES inside the directory named ->$OEM$/Driverz.
Put the 3 files inside i386 folder then edit TXTSETUP.SIF.
In TXTSETUP.SIF find [SourceDisksFiles] then add this 3 lines...

7za.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0
Presetup.cmd = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0
XRep.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0
DevPath.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0

you have one diagram with 4 files in the i386 and another with 3 files in it. Which diagram am I meant to follow and where are the 3 files that are not in the downloaded zip? [url="http://cc.domaindlx.com/zaqs/download/Guide4Driver.cab"]http://cc.domaindlx.com/zaqs/download/Guide4Driver.cab[/url]

you mention about adding 3 lines but there are four lines and four files?

Am I meant to complete ALL SEVEN steps in PYRONS method BEFORE adding on your 'easy to use' guide? :wacko:

I can't see how the two guides blend together? Rather than a continuation it's more like an overlap, maybe I only follow the first few points on pyrons method without the end point(s)?

I find this very confusing and not straight forward at all! Don't you think ONE complete guide would be better? With text that corresponds to the diagrams and matching files to download; rather than loads of little bits here there and everywhere?

Could you tell me what is the difference between ALL THIS and the 'drivers from CD...simple method 1,2,3'.

Yes, I am having trouble serial - please do help, many thanks! :thumbup

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[quote name='InViSibLe Gr' post='481076' date='Mar 18 2006, 07:52 AM']can anyone re-upload the file? it doesnt exists anymore in the link from the 1st post
[quote name='Wile.E' post='236042' date='Dec 17 2004, 08:21 AM']
It's possible to use this method also with the Bâshrat the Sneaky's DriverPacks method?[/quote]can anyone answer this plz?

@ invisible

It looks to me as if this board is in decline or something? If you notice , most of the expert comments and developments are 2003/4!!!
Substantially less in 2005 and even less in 2006.
Seems as if they have all drifted off and abandoned ship? If you look at the experts profiles quite a few have not logged on to this site for several months now!
There are an awful lot of people looking for answers but no ones around anymore to give help and support. Guess they're all fed up?

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[quote name='madmungo' post='229779' date='Dec 4 2004, 07:29 AM']Hi guys I have no problems whatsoever. Everything works like a charm.

Here is what I did.

1. Download the file in serialz opening post and extract.......[/quote]

take a look at this please:
[url="http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=83405"]http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=83405[/url] :lol:

I was puzzled to say the least!!

Many thanks for the clarification and making one complete method out of pyron's + serialzs 'bits and bobs' that are strewn about everywhere!


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