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Direct Link to XP SP2 from Microsoft (official)


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Biggest thing to remember guys is that MS is giving 100% FREE technical support over the phone to any issues related to service pack 2. So if anything breaks and you have a question about it, don't hesitate to call MS.

Support link - http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?pr=windowsxpsp2


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Its not clear, what you really want to say - could you clarify it if there's a question?

The screenshot shows the correct MD5 checksum alright.

As for the icon, that's the right icon you have in that pic - same as we all have.

Also, info for all of you doubting the integrity of not-from-MS downloads - open the EXE in WinRAR, and test the archive (its a CAB compression) --->

Use the menu sequence "Commands >> Test Archived Files".

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Another lam.. question: what's the difference between Windows XP SP2 (English - 266 MB) and Windows XP SP2 Network Install? They are posted here.

And which one is best suited for a slipstream with nLite?

oh no....never mind.

There is no difference between the two there both network versions but on different locations.

Network versions servs administrators to roll out sp2 within there network.

The forthcoming express version only downloads the needed files to bring your system up to date.

and there is the soon to release WU version that does basically the same as the express version except it download via automatic updates.

More info...here

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