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  1. Hello! On my 16GB USB I would like to put -Win7 x32 and x64 as ISOs so I can choose which to install -MEMTEST86+. Is it possible?
  2. JOHNC HWMONITOR all temps are good. They better be I assembled the PC Cool'n Quiet is just an option in BIOS. And the rest Win 7 does if the profile is set to Power On Demand. So no need for buggy third party software.
  3. BigDaddy, I cannot say if your MemTest will fail. I suppose if it really is a memory problem perhaps only MemTest will find it. I do think the others could also. I think there is a version of MemTest that runs under Windows (never used it). It cannot test all of memory, of course, due to the presence of Windows. Please be sure to try Prime95. It was the one that exposed a HW problem on my XP x64 machine. Is there a chance that the machine is dirty inside? I have seen (and heard) machines that were full of dust and cat hair - burned up the CPU. Some BIOS codes will show various temperatures in the machine. If someone could look, it might prove useful. Did you run HyprPi against all four cores at the same time? Good luck, John. machine is brand new. I assembled it. HyperPi was run against all 4 cores naturally. Prime95 also did not return an error. Thus far I guess the only thing is if MEMTEST86+ will show an error. But I am more leaning towards Cool'n Quiet. Because this only occurs when the CPU is idle
  4. Thus far I ran OCCT, Intel Burn Test, HyperPi set at 32M. Each was run for 8hour. Everything was without error. Memtest86+ will be a bit tricky since I am attending to this PC via remote desktop. If all the test were successful what are the chances that MemTest86+ will throw an eror?
  5. Everything is run @ stock. And the CPU is not an X3 but it is an Athlon II X4 640 3GHz. Will run those stress tests you mention.
  6. It's just a normal Win7 x64 installed from the official CD and with all updates installed on a brand new PC. I do not have a service pack since it's not out yet. Don't know about the BSOD code, because the system is set to restart. Will change it to not restart and give you the code when the BSOD comes back. In the meantime if someone could look at the minidumps I would be very grateful.
  7. the problem is that this machine is already installed. So I have to fix it. I now I successfully fixed the same issue on another PC but that was 2 years ago.
  8. About twice a week a receive a BSOD when the system is NOT under load but while doing browsing or listening to music, etc. It has never BSODed when playing games. Since I have no idea where to even begin I give you the minidumps if they will be of asistance: http://www.2shared.com/file/R3YwLNf5/Minidump.html
  9. I have an old nlited WinXP install. But it's problem is that every time I insert a anything into the USB it asks me that the drivers are not certified and if I am sure I want to install the driver. I believe the problem has to do with an unsigned USB driver. What is the fix?
  10. Will delete the comments about WAREZ version, if you want? I just didn't see the point of lying about it especially since I own the genuine Windows. btw. To the guide on the first page it should be added how to do it for Windows 7. I can happily make the proper changes, and then a mod can edit the OP's post to also add the section about Win 7 and then also change the title of this thread.
  11. MagicAndre You gave me the idea to try with the official MSDNAA images. And there it works great. All I had to do was delete the EI.CFG and change the numbers to 4 for x32 and 5 for x64 Win 7 Ultimate btw. Anybody got any idea why it doesn't work with the BIE release?
  12. it is warez, but I got a license anyway-MSDNAA I prefer the non official Windows versions because of the darn activation software. Which always gets in the way esspecially when switching GPU's, which I do quite often
  13. I have Win 7 Enterprise, and it doesn't work for me. All I get is this and that is all> this is how my commands look like: imagex /export D:\VistaAIO\x86\install.wim 1 .\install.wim "Windows 7 Enterprise x86 BIE" imagex /export D:\VistaAIO\x64\install.wim 1 .\install.wim "Windows 7 Enterprise x64 BIE" oscdimg -n -bD:\VistaAIO\distribucion\boot\etfsboot.com D:\VistaAIO\distribucion d:\Win7-Ent_x32_x64.iso -m
  14. Could the Don't Fear The Reaper be then on the Win 98 CD? Really wish we'll be able to find that video. It was awesome. btw. Just did a search for Microsoft and Don't Fear The Reaper and nothing comes up. Don't think this helps much but in the said video there was a girl who screamed at the end because someone had died..
  15. Come to think about it I believe if was NOT the Win95 CD. But I know it was from a M$ CD. And when started it said "Where do you want to go today?" And after you clicked it showed you around the CD as in some sort of Encyclopedia.
  16. browsed through youtube.com but didn't found that video.
  17. Hello! Just heard the song and I remembered that the original CD of Win 95 had the video of this song. Does anyone know where can I obtain that particular video? Since the CD has been long gone. On a side note, I believe there was another video on the CD from the series called the Happy Days, featuring Fonzy. Anyone knows about this video?
  18. Today I thought I would try Win2008 and created a 15GB partition. And then installed it on this partition. But when I try to boot the old Win2003 by selecting previous windows install in BCD I receive c:\ntoskrnl is damaged or not found. How can I fix this?
  19. as long as this update will not be automatically delivered through WU the majority of WinXP users will not have support for exFAT and thus my USB drive becomes much less portable if exFAT is used.
  20. I have a laptop here with Vista Professional and I would like to rename an account. But if I rename it using the Acount preferences in control panel then the name of the directory still remains. I heard there is a way to create a new account and then migrate all of the settings, docs, files,... into the new one. HOw could I accomplish this?
  21. Trance Doesn't work. Still asks for confirmation when moving readonly files.
  22. http://www.uwe-sieber.de/usbstick_e.html this is what I have been looking for. So I can finally map my network share as D:.
  23. I wonder how the vista's and Win7's driver performs with FAT32?
  24. uf, a cluster size of 64kb that would really be a waste especially since I have lots of little files below the 64KB on the usb pen. Have MS posted any info why FAT32 is slower on WinXP than Win2k? That really seems counter-productive.

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