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  1. Hey nuhi, as I told you already, I just don't have the time available to test or else I'd be well more than willing. Good luck with it and all. Been away for a while as you already know and I will probably get the internet where I'm staying at temporarily until I come back home. Have fun though.
  2. Reinstall Daemon tools then uninstall if you'd like. It should rewrite the key to the registry.
  3. Lutinsjj, I'm not sure that's the most appropriate image to be attaching to the forums Gigabitfx - Wmp10 has been out for a bit over a week. It's a pretty nice media player I think. It sure does handle video files MUCH better in terms of playing them and advancing back and forth through the video.
  4. Corporate edition works this way - install it, it's activated. You don't have to do it online and because it doesn't require true activation. Corporate liscenses work in large volume liscensing. It's for businesses of course to distribute to many computers. Generally you have to buy a lot of liscenses for the Corporate version though.
  5. Are you running a legit version of Windows? Not saying anything against you but I see a lot of users that have problems mention they are using Xp Pro Corporate Edition. Home users have no use for the Corporate Edition and I believe that it takes large volume liscensing agreements to legally obtain a copy.
  6. Wow. Thanks. http://search.yahoo.com/search?fr=fp-pull-...3A%5Cwindows%22 http://search.yahoo.com/search?fr=fp-pull-...%5Cinstaller%22 /smartallic tone since I already knew that and tried it
  7. See where the tabs labelled Folder, File Size, File name, etc.. are? That's the part you need to right click on. It's in the picture on that page that you linked even.
  8. After testing it myself, it works just fine. Download the zipped dll file and then move it to c:\windows\system32 (good safe spot for ya to keep it). Then register it with this command: regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\DirSize.dll Then you just need to right click on the tabs bar and enable the folder size view.
  9. The larger files need compiled. All you need to do is download the dll (demo project) and register the dll and it should work.
  10. This "might" help to remedy the issue - http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_desc...C15304%2C00.asp
  11. Well, for about a year or so I've been wondering about \windows\installer directory and whether or not it's needed. Unfortunately, it's not possible to search for c:\windows\installer on the internet as search engines all fail when using even c:\ So... I'm wondering if I can remove these files. From what I can tell, all they are are the .msi files related to programs you've installed manually onto your computer but are not required in any way for use of that program. But this installer directory uses over 230 mb on my pc so I was just wondering if anyone else has ever tried removing these files and how things went afterwards. Thanks.
  12. YES! Lol That has to be one of my absolute most favorite features of Adobe Cs
  13. As Jeff Foxworthy once said (well many many times), you can't make fun of em unless ya are one. And I are one
  14. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme.../bonuspack.aspx Found the link finally from a friend. Good to know for future reference in case anyone ever needs this again (probably me )
  15. Yah, it was a really tiny tool. It was even available via Windows Update as an extra. I shoulda saved it I'll have to pm ya though
  16. Thanks but I've been to that page a few times already. The tool came with Microsoft Plus I believe but MS offered it as an add-on for free and I just really like the tool itself. No worries if I can't find it really. It would just be nice if I could
  17. I remember about a year or two ago, you could go onto the MS website and download a power pack for Xp. In this powerpack, it had a Mp3 to Wma converter as a bonus. Does anyone remember what I'm referring to and where I can go to find it? I've searched MS site all over and I just can't find it. Thanks.
  18. First check to see if the system service is enabled. Start > Run > services.msc and hit enter. Be sure Cryptographic service, Automatic Updates, Task Scheduler, and Background Intelligence Transfer are all enabled.
  19. Themexp.org has been known for including spyware/adware in their .exe packaged files. They also are hooked up with Claria advertising (most will know them as GATOR/GAIN). Either way, I don't even go there anymore and will never. Fortunately Firefox blocks every ad they have and there is no such thing as ActiveX so I don't hvae to worry about it. To me, that's beside the point as I'm not interested in places like that.
  20. Messenger2 is another one. I've used GAIM quite often. Unfortunately it still lacks a few things that I prefer so I still just use each individual messenger. Overall, Messenger2 shows the best promise if their development speed keeps up. GAIM shows good progress but I don't think they have the intentions for hte program that I'd like to see better implimented.
  21. Yes, Mazin, I have used O&O. Every defragmentation tool I've used in the past just does that - defragments. VoptXp strategically places files for optimal performance. It places the most often accessed files at the beginning of the drive. Larger files serve precedence over smaller files as well and come before smaller files generally though not always.
  22. Haha. THat would be a great thing to have done for Senior Prank. Just steal the catwalk at the High School hehe. Wish I was still in HS sometimes
  23. Yah, the tiff files are a bit difficult to read at times and can create a small time lapse. In that time lapse, Fax and Picture viewer can hang thinking that the file is corrupt/unreadable in some way. The best thing to do is convert them or at least put them on your hard drive first. Then you'll be able to view them much quicker and Fax and Picture viewer will stop hanging (or at least should).
  24. If you're in a hurry to get it fixed, why not phone up Microsoft? They're giving free tech support over the phone for all issues related to sp2.
  25. Hehe. I'm a putz. That was one directory I've manually deleted myself Ahh well though. I've reformatted and reinstalled Windows several times in my life and have never once remembered to backup Outlook At least now I'll know what directory it is hehe THanks.

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