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XPdeploy 1.0 Customer Preview Program


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Okay people, time to do some testing for me.

For newbies, you will NEED to download XPlode first, so you can get the plugins that this operates with.

This release will run with an existing XPlode.xml. There are one extra attribute it supports:

XPlode.items.item - image="%XPLODE%\image.png"

This is for the images on the left hand side of the window, for each install item.

I've put an XML in with the archive so you can see.

XPdeploy requires XPlode plugins to operate, funnily enough.

The status window thing is a bit buggy, which is kinda expected. Anyways, let me know if there are any problems OTHER than the status window.



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It's a real pity that XPlode and XPdeploy don't work on XP SP2. Anyway, I hope that it will in RC2 or that the problem will be fixed.

I have a few ideas for the next update to XPdeploy. I think that all the options should have little checkboxes next to them and the user can just tick the options they want. Once that is done they click the "Install" button at the bottom of the form and the selected options will be installed. Also if possible, the selected options could be sent to XPlode for installation so the progress of installation can be tracked. Please have a look at the attached picture.

>>Zaheer Chothia


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except it's via XML file, and joins with XPlode quite nicely.

That's wat I was thinking. Also with Wraith's current version of XPLode, you've got to manually instal each thing and then wait for it to insall before installing the next thing. With this idea, you would jus select what you want and it would be all insatlled and so you could have a semi-unattended install! :)

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Well i attempted to run XPdeploy and i really like the layout. I would like to make a few requests.

- A button to select all (Already been mentioned once)

- A way to have it totally automated (as in install all the apps with the nice gui without any user intervention)

Well that is all for now. Great app beginings as ussuall wraith. Any ideas when some updating on this guy will be done? Thanks B

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the latter is very achievable, i currently have my xp cd install everything aside from the OS (except registry tweaks) from xplode, this includes office 2003, nero, winrar, hotfixes

you only need to find out what the arguments to the installs are that makes the application install completely silent, for a good guide for this try unattended.msfn.org , even if you dont want do the full guide they do have a section for installing applications unattended ie silently.

hope this helps

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