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  1. You are correct. I ended up having to download all the files again. Luckily nothing that I was not able to recover...
  2. Ok so I rebuilt my computer and backed up my old drive. Some how though some files got deleted and I found them in the hidden RECYCLER folder on my old computers backup. I thought no problem I will just move them over to the new system. Moved them with no errors however none of the files will open. The mp3's tell me " Th file you are attempting to play has an extension (.mp3) that does not match the file format." and none of the exe will install and the txt are all blank when opened. What is causing this and how can i fix it? Thanks for your time.
  3. I really am not wanting this to be this difficult... I have a sfx archive that I want to change something in. Is this this the only way to do this or is there a way to just edit the existing sfx archive? Why not just use winrar and create the sfx? Is there a disadvantage to this?
  4. Martin, thanks for that info. I have been to this site and even downloaded some files but I was unclear what to do with them. Any help would be great. Thanks Brian
  5. I am trying to create an sfx with the paramater RunProgram="Setup.exe /adminfile Unattended.msp" I select the files I wan't in the sfx archive select Create SFX archive under option enter the parameters RunProgram="Setup.exe /adminfile Unattended.msp" and hit ok and get a parameter incorrect error. What am i doing wrong. Thanks
  6. Change catagory name?

    So you can't just change it once and all apps in that category automatically be changed? How do you delete the old catagories?
  7. Quick question. I have some categories that I want to change their name. How can I do this?
  8. Man, for your first post it sure was a good one. That does exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much.
  9. ===== Post Nº 1 ====== I need to recurse into subfolders with winrar so I use the -r switch... winrar x -r *.iso. Now when I launch this command from c: and it finds the file abc.iso in c:folder1, it extracts the file to c: instead of c:folder1. The names of the subfolders will be unknown so I can't specify them. I have been using this script @echo OFF REM Extract the content of all .iso files in the current directory for %%f in (*.iso) do winrar x "%%f" DEL *.iso RMDIR AUDIO_TS REM Perform the same in all sub-directories for /D %%d in (*) do cd %%d && call %0 && cd .. This works but I was wondering if there was a way to do it using just winrar commands? I pieced this script together from different places and honestly don't know what half the stuff means. like %%F or the whole line for /D %%d in (*) do cd %%d && call %0 && cd .. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. ===== Post Nº 2 ====== Can anyone shed some light on this... ===== Post Nº 3 ====== no one know about batch files..... Am I in the wrong forum ?
  10. When I download a large file it is split into multiple rar files. Is there a way to have any rar that are put into a specific folder extract automatically? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know I can create a batch file and run it but i want no intervention on my part. Thanks in advance.
  11. Acrobat 7 Pro + All updates Silent...

    gczobel sent you pm.
  12. [Release] XPIZE4.2

    Some Programs i use: XPIZE (Now Compatable w/ nLite) Information: Webpage Version: 4.2 License: Freeware Credit: HEVNBND Size: 8.95 MB Main: Download Windows ISO Recorder Information: Webpage Version: 2RC1 License: Freeware Credit: HEVNBND Size: 303 KB Main: Download KCeasy Information: Webpage Version: .016 License: Freeware Credit: HEVNBND Size: 4.27 MB Main: Download Windows Power Toys Information: Webpage Version: .016 License: Freeware Credit: HEVNBND Size: 689 KB Main: Download Included PowerToys: PowerToy Calculator, SlideShow Wizard, PowerShot, TweakUI Also if anyone wants to upload i can provide some space. Since i own my own domain figure i can make it useful. Just upload your .cab file along with a .txt file with the details of the app also PM me so i know you uploaded the info and i will post them here. EXAMPLE: NAME OF APP Information:Web Page about app Version: .016 License: Freeware Credit: Your Name Size: 689 KB Main: DOWNLOAD http://www.squareplanet.com/msfn/ProgramAddonsNAMEOFFILE.cab Location to upload files to: ftp://squareplanet.com/ Also, Please pm me HEVNBND when you upload something. So that i can post it. Thanks enjoy Thanks and let me know if i can meet any of your computer needs! I also sell a full line up Plasmas and DLPs Site is in disaray right now & in desperate need of updates, but i can stilll get you any computer equipment at fair price. I am looking for a script that will automaticly email me when someone uploads to the annomous ftp, if someone has one please pm me it. Thanks
  13. Anyone know a key to do this? The first thing i do everytime i install is change the default location of my documents to a different drive and i bet you there is a registry key to do it with.. Thanks and yes i did search and got 0 results.