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  1. Visa multibbot dvd

    I was trying to build a multiboot vista dvd.. although its not practical.. two versions of vista doesnt hold into one dvd even after optimization because of .wim files.. but just for the fun of it.. I notices that the boot loader loads BOOT directory instead of 1386 of xp.. in boot folder BOOT.SDI files are same for vista 5219 and 5231.. but in 5231 there is CDBOOT.SDI files.. so, I placed BOOT folder in root along with BOOTMGR file and boot.ini file. I changed the boot.ini like this: [boot loader] nobcd timeout=30 default=ramdisk(0)\WINDOWS [operating systems] ramdisk(0)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows Longhorn 5219 Setup" /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /FASTDETECT /DETECTHAL /MININT /rdpath=multi(0)disk(0)cdrom(0)\5219\sources\boot.wim /RDSDIHDRPATH=multi(0)disk(0)cdrom(0)\5219\boot\boot.sdi /USENEWLOADER ramdisk(0)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows Longhorn 5231 Setup" /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /FASTDETECT /DETECTHAL /MININT /rdpath=multi(0)disk(0)cdrom(0)\5231\sources\boot.wim /RDSDIHDRPATH=multi(0)disk(0)cdrom(0)\5231\boot\boot.sdi /USENEWLOADER the menu appears but after I choose the dvd just reboots.. Is there anyother files involve in te boot process or am I thinking to easy?..
  2. If new versions of programs have different unattanded command then what happen? can u also include the unattanded command with the list? and to reduce ur work let the list be a public project and u or some other person will be moderator then if anybody want to add something to the list then u will review and add to the list ( just to lighten ur work).
  3. Windows XP Embedded - Boot From CD Tutorial

    when you boot from xpe does it boots like win pe?, so u can add programs in it.
  4. Problem with making PEwin

    This is because of the plugins u are using, try disabling some plugins. But if u make the iso from the "pebldr" folder with cdimage.exeit will also work.
  5. i was making Windows PE from longhorn from a guide. According to guide I ran these commands in command line: Run SUBST W: G:\LHPE Run CD /D W:\ it created a new partition called W:\ and only contains files from G:\LHPE( longhorn setup folder). Is there any way I can delete this partition. This not an actual partition cz it doesnt showup in Disk manager.
  6. LHPE 4074 Mouse support

    so far as i know LH 4074 pe does not have mouse support. If you try to do a clean install of LH 4074 u wont be able to use mouse.
  7. theme file for sp2 rc1?

    no, you need to download patched uxtheme.dll for SP2 build 2096.
  8. XPdeploy 1.0 Customer Preview Program

    ya but SP2 is in RC2 now ( will be released in wensday) and if this programs works in SP2 RC2 and will work in SP2 final.
  9. Slipstream XP SP2 RC1 Problems

    may be on later releases it will be fixed but until now this is the only way if anyone wants slipstream sp2, 2120 and 2126. And its not piracy, it doesnt give you any cd key or whatever. when you use a modified uxtheme.dll file that doesnt hav signature check and when you use a DCPDL.DLL file that doesnt check activation in VLK version is the same thing.
  10. Slipstream XP SP2 RC1 Problems

    activation issue with build 2126 and 2120 is not a bug. Microsoft changed one file( DCPDLL._DL) from i386 directory. The fix is to get a cracked DCPDL._DL file and replace it after slipstreaming with 2126 or 2120 SP2. Valid or invalid doesnt matter cz i don hav any valid VLK xp and I was successfully able to slipstream and install xp ( tried in vmware). i don know if posting the url of the file is valid but if u want to find out go to www.iexbeta.com and go to SP2 forum.
  11. I also hav a hp computer with recovery disks in hard drive. But after I installed windows xp pro in different pertition and wiped out old C:\ drive the recovery partition wouldn't work. Its a bootable partition and I think based on windows pe. You can mount this boot drive manually by adding this command in your boot.ini file: "C:\CMDCONS\BOOTSECT.DAT="Microsoft Windows Recovery Console" /cmdcons" where C:\ is your recovery partition( change it with you own computers recovery partition). So, I think if you can burn the whole partition in 1:1 format in dvd with nero or any partition recovery program and make it bootable with BOOTSECT.DAT then you can use the dvd as your recovery disk. Also they give you an OEM serial number( look at the back panel of your pc case). i think you can use it install OEM version windows xp.
  12. problem with sp2 build 2120

    problem is you are uisng or made a pathched version of windows xp which was suppoed to already activated. Geta real licence number or use windows xp oem version/msdn version.
  13. MS Virtual PC 2004

    vpc is more usefull than vmware but its slow. I didnt hav any problem with previous versions but with 2004 version I am also having problem. vpc takes around 60-70 mins to install xp where vmware takes less then 20 mins to install. may be its because of slow virtual hd access of vpc. I created bootable ghost image from vmware, then installed vmware tools and then dumped the file in my actual hard drive. then i created a new virtual mechine in vpc. when I was creating the ghost image the hd access was 150-400 mbps but when I was restoring the image in vpc it was restoring at 30-45mbps.
  14. Xplode with win xp sp2 rc1

    I tested ver. 1.00 and that works with xpsp2 rc1 but no other version works. But this will do my job.
  15. XPlode 1.0.6

    tell them u will make a real virus next time.