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"Taskbar2" is new StartAllBack version with fully recreated taskbar. It's unfinished preview and is for testing only.

It's all-new code which will pose new challenges and degradations... but breaking from stale taskbar implementation will provide new possibilities.

Not finished:

- No perks (centered, segmented ex.)

- No auto-hide

- No translation for taskbar context menu

- Can't move primary taskbar from primary display

  • Expect all kinds of things and try all kinds of software and tests
  • Please stay strictly on topic. Do regression testing (compare with existing classic taskbar / stable version)

Salvation: https://startisback.com/T2.exe

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Posted (edited)

Functionality checklist


  • 21H2/22(3)H2/24H2 are slightly different, binary compatibility with Canary+ may be difficult
  • Shouldn't crash when logging off or exiting explorer (Ctrl+Shift+taskbar context menu)
  • Settings from classic taskbar (taskbar position/size/toolbars) should be compatible
  • Leak testing to be done

No plans to be reimplemented / different:

  • No 7+ Taskbar Tweaker or taskbar hacks expected to work
  • Application telemetry: test if launching / switching between applications affects frequently used app list
  • First boot settings: test if creating new profile works okay for taskbar / start menu
  • Immersive fullscreen apps: taskbar will not be shown above/auto-hidden with fullscreen metro apps
  • Edge gestures: test if edge gestures on touchscreen work as expected
  • Voice commands: test if voice command window is positioned properly
  • Monitor filtering: pinned apps are always shown on secondary taskbars

Primary / secondary taskbars:

  • Working area responds to taskbar size/dpi/position changes, including corner icon flyouts
  • Theme changes accordingly
  • Position and size is saved properly (primary taskbar saves settings 2 seconds after changing)
  • Primary taskbar retains saved / primary display
  • Per-display window filtering works as expected / works with conjunction of virtual desktops
  • Taskbar does not show above full screen app
  • Tablet posture should affect all button padding

Primary taskbar toolbars:

  • Toolbars menu is shown if taskbar is unlocked / there are toolbars
  • Adding / removing first-party and third-party toolbars works as expected (TrueLaunchBar (?), etc)
  • Adding / removing / changing / moving toolbars results in proper taskbar size

Start menu/buttons:

  • Start menu invocation closes opened app menus
  • Start menu invocation with Win, Ctrl+Esc, start button with classic/native taskbar
  • Task view / search / widgets button functionality
  • System tray / corner icons area functionality

Refer to alpha 1 checklist as well

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Is the download not live yet? I just downloaded it and got the version signed June 2nd.

Thank you for saving us!!


It is live. Try appending something to url if it gets cached https://startisback.com/T2.exe?refresh=1


Maybe a temp glitch? Jul 8 signature on what I just downloaded.


1 minute ago, Tihiy said:

It is live. Try appending something to url if it gets cached https://startisback.com/T2.exe?refresh=1

Thanks, it was cached!

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Posted (edited)

I just moved my taskbar to the top of the screen and got this little glitch for a moment with the start button. It returned back to the left after a moment.


However when it returned it kept a large gap.



Moved it back to the bottom and the start button is totally gone. I can't attach the screenshot because I'm out of space on MSFN but picture a large gap, I hover my mouse over it and it comes back.


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Still the "problem" with the margin on the thumbnails
But I didn't see anything mentioned about this in the modifications, so normal
Return to stable version

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Posted (edited)
17 minutes ago, Uiti P. Uszer said:

I tried the new Alpha2 taskbar on my Server 2025 (26244.5000) VM and it works well. Prior to upgrading to Alpha2, SAB 3.7.11 taskbar wouldn't even initialize. 

Yup. I tested on Win 11 Pro 26244 and it works. This is the real deal. A faithful reimplementation, there's only one guy on the planet with the skills to reverse engineer this. Thank you @Tihiy

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8 hours ago, mackid1993 said:

there's only one guy on the planet with the skills to reverse engineer this

No, ExplorerPatcher did reimplement taskbar too. It's however a de/recompilation but who cares in the end.

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Just installed Alpha 2r. I noticed that when moving the taskbar to the right and then the top there is an extra gap between the start icon and the task buttons until explorer is restarted. It almost looks like the gap that is added for touch mode. In this build the start button stayed in its location.

Also in playing with the location of the taskbar I managed to have one time where the task buttons disappeared until I moved it to another location, in that situation the start button and system tray were still present.

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Thanks for this, which I was compelled to move to since I'm on Dev.

My only notable so far is that for whatever reason, it was all but impossible seeing which taskbar programs were running (right-side taskbar), when that wasn't the case with SaB. So, I went into Windows Settings, Personalization/Colors and changed my usual accent color to a lighter one, and that did the trick well enough (though, oddly, the stripe doesn't appear for one program, UltraEdit, as if it's not running at all). 

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