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Whats the best Defragmentation Software


Whats the best Defragmentation Software  

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  1. 1. Whats the best Defragmentation Software

    • Diskeeper
    • O&O
    • Perfect Disk
    • System Mechanic
    • Contig
    • Power Defragmenter

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DiskKeeper 9 pro. has double set&forget schedules, mft & pagefile optimization and boot-time systemfiles defrag, wich are workng fine finally, and is less resouce consuming than in the past editions.

Tryed norton speed disk but is not as good as before with the old fat systems (it was the best on them), on ntfs it simply can't stand diskeeper.

perfectdisk and O&O defrag are not bad probably the first one is better out of this two, but not as good as diskkeeper is.

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That one currently has a major bug. It crashed on me and I got a DrWatson error report. When it was trying to defragment a file, the error message saying that it generated errors and will be closed by Windows popped up. Thus, I don't recommend it.

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I've tried almost all the most used defrag utilities around and to help out people that are insecure about which one to choose i've made a small list with the pro and cons of them:



With its I/O Guard it pauses the defragmentation if the disk usage is high (so you can work without hangs) (only in version 9.0)

It's fast and his scheduling system probably is the best around.


The files are not ordered by some criteria (date or access time) like most defrag utilities do. Sorting by access time is very important to speed up booting and application startup time.

In older versions when it starts defragmenting big files (isos etc) it slows down everything until the file gets defragmented

- PerfectDisk


Very fast and efficient defragmenting engine that sorts the file by access time

It has a smartplacement method that is very efficient: it's a compromise between defragmentation time and file sorting.


The scheduling system isn't configurable as the one present in other defrag programs.

- Speed Disk


It defragments everything even the mft without rebooting! It's the most efficient and fast defragmenter engine avaiable

It lets the user specify the position where files should be placed


Every time you defrag it moves all the files again! ALL THE FILES!! Only a mad person would use a defrag utility that moves all the files every time you start it! it's crazy!!

Defragmenting the MFT while windows is running is VERY VERY risky: if your windows crash the partition is lost.

The scheduling by defragmentation level is completely buggy

- O&O Defrag


Since it moves little pieces of the file at once it doesn't slow the system like other defrag utilities do.

It has a very well designed gui and also a good working scheduling system


It's defrag engine sometimes messes up and crashes or hangs even in the newer versions

My suggestions:

SPEED: Diskeeper or O&O defrag for the users that want to defrag their computers while they're working with it since they don't slow down the system

EFFICIENCY: PerfectDisk or Speed Disk for the users that prefer speed and want to defrag their computers while they're not working with them.

STABILITY: PerfectDisk or Diskeeper since they use microsoft defragmentation API and are certified by microsoft (I don't know if O&O is certified too)

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What is the best defrag program you guys have used? And were can i get them to try them out  :)

I see all the posts which like various defragmentation programs which you have to buy. This similiar discussion has occured in many forums I have viewed. What is lacking in all are reasonable tests conducted by a third party with no axe to grind. The main point is to defrag every week-10 days with whichever you wish [and have installed]. I use XP's built in defragmentation program. I have never seen anything convincing enough to justify buying another [20 to 70 bucks]. I just want the file system shaped up. Fancy graphics and endless options in the "buy me, I am better than the others" do not appeal to me.

Gene :rolleyes:

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