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Google Chrome version history gone from Wikipedia


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Ah, read as to "why" it's deleted.

I say yeah, delete Firefox's also.

Perhaps "delete" isn't the correct word - edit it for release dates but axe the "changelog".

Changelogs should be a developer's website, not taking up space on a public resource.

Just my two cents.

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I would look at changelogs every once in a while. Is there another place where they're put together like that? Guess Wayback Machine will still be useful for up-to current versions.

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Well, it only goes so far, I was recently looking for info related to public class fields (that they're called like that) and that was in Chrome 72.

I really only use Chromium engine (WebView) on Android with a lightweight app as the browser that just uses the WebView because there's nothing else as usable (resource consumption) there AFAIK and really only update it to the bare minimum version required for decent enough compatibility with modern web and for which I find properly made APK (with only native libraries for the phone's CPU architecture, uncompressed inside the archive so they don't have to be extracted and waste more space).

Those logs are useful for consideration what version to go for. Still getting by with version 87. But yeah, each newer one is bigger and more complex. Not good for old devices, even with this one I have visual glitches sometimes that I didn't have with version 79 (if I remember correctly what I used before), but going to home screen and back helps at least...

Really wish there was another usable alternative...

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It's typo-missing-words city today...
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As most (if not all) decisions on Wikipedia (right or wrong as it may be) it seems like the usual internal war about who has more power or is capable to win a logic argument on the (stupidly complex) wikipedia internal rules and voting:




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I read several of the "keep" arguments for the Firefox Wikipedia and I kind of see most as irrelevant.

The vast majority of the "keep" arguments seem to come from what I would call an "activist movement" or "lench mob" mentality, subjective over objective.

I don't see it as a total summation of "keep" versus "delete" - not if the "keeps" just keep saying the same exact thing over and over again, that's just "one" keep that paid a mob to show up and carry cardboard signs, misspellings and all.

Not to be misread, it is disappointing to see the Wikipedia changelog for Chrome vanish, I used it OFTEN.

But using it and objectively arguing that it should remain are not really one in the same.

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In recent years, they write a new blog for a new release.


BTW, I made a jump from Chromium WebView 87 to 113 on my Android today. Whooping 26 versions difference, 20 MB bigger APK (65 MB -> 85 MB), only 4 MB left on the system partition, hanging at the bottom of the minimum system requirements list, 7 Android versions behind the latest already.:buehehe:

Doesn't feel slower than the old one TBH, will see if the glitch with the blackness can still occur.

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