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Need help to get ISA sound card works in Window XP


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Hi guys,

I got Orphues sound card with portwell ruby-9719 mobo in Windows Xp, because the limited ioport range this board can handle,
Tiido says here http://www.tmeeco.eu/TKAYBSC/RUBYISA.TXT

So I configured Orpheus sound card to use
WSS port: a34-a37
WSS control port: a38
and this works fine in DOS and Linux.

Windows xp let me chose 4 WSS port range below
all of them are not reachable for this mobo, when I tried to set port range to 0A34-0A37, I got this message

Is possible to enforce Windows XP use the a34-a37 ports.

Thanks in advance.


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1 hour ago, jumper said:

Also try putting the card in a different slot. XP might show different port options.

It doesn't appear to have another slot 



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Just a thought, I have found that ISA boards that share the same physical positioning as a PCI card do not have frequency dividers to set back the clock frequency. A good ISA slotted board has more space between the PCI slot and the ISA slot and within this space there will be some chips. I have had much trouble with ISA cards not working with this type of motherboard arrangement.

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On 8/13/2022 at 7:05 PM, RainyShadow said:


Maybe try to boot DOS first and do the configuring there. 

Then start grub4dos using the DOS executable and chainload NTLDR to boot XP without restarting.


I tried program the EEPROM on sound card to set 0A34-0A37  as default WSS port, start from here, sound card configured properly already.

Freedos, Win98, Linux will take the default WSS port value from EEPROM, WInXp does not.

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6 hours ago, Damnation said:


I'm not sure if it'll make much of a difference but maybe try disabling ACPI and set resources manually.

Or set the "Plug and Play compatible OS" to "No" in BIOS setup, if this option is available. 

It would force the BIOS to configure the devices on startup instead of leaving it to the OS.

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