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HINTS+TIPS: Most useful, good, best Extensions & Add-Ons for Firefox Browser?


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With Total Cookie Protection enabled by default, other such extensions are unnecessary:


It is interesting to consider that even in chrome-based browsers you can get the same.

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External Application Button, BiS after uBlock and Auto Tab Discard.

Thousands of words isn't worth than one single video. Look at this video to see the true magic of this addon:

Watch video with External + MPV: https://gfycat.com/BoringAmusingHoneybadger

Read manga with External + MPV: https://gfycat.com/DentalEuphoricClingfish


Isn't that beautiful ?

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I use:

AdBlocker for YouTube

app.telemetry Page Speed Monitor

Browser JSGuard

Error indicator

Neat URL

Pop-up Controller

Redirect Control

uBlock Origin





Dismiss the Overlay


Open Links Directly - No Redirect

Owl - For comfortable reading


Redirect AMP to HTML

Whitelist JavaScript


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