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360 Extreme Explorer ArcticFoxie Versions

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2 minutes ago, D.Draker said:

It's his version 13.5 from this topic and I wrote the exact coordinates of that crap. Good night.

Topic which is 129 pages long with many versions posted, and I'm delirious. :lol: Good night to you too.

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41 minutes ago, D.Draker said:

On the 1st page version number 13.5.1030.0

Well, no wonder then, because I don't have his rebuild 6 for that and both the links from the first post are 404 for me right now. An excellent excuse for bedtime. :lol:

EDIT: But if you mean "Translate to $1" (it's slightly shifted in rebuild 5), then yes, I'm aware that's where the label is. I was talking based on https://chromium.googlesource.com/experimental/chromium/src/+/refs/tags/86.0.4240.198/chrome/browser/renderer_context_menu/render_view_context_menu.cc , or I guess https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/refs/tags/86.0.4240.198/chrome/browser/renderer_context_menu/render_view_context_menu.cc is a more proper link (the content is exactly the same).


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The excessive use of words like "evil", "crap", "god", et cetera is extremely nagative and toxic to the environment, in my humble opinion.

intentionally "404'd" all download links about a week ago or so (and is also why I have not uploaded my most recent resources.pak and options.zip).

The negativity had/has me seriously pondering my future here at MSFN - again, this started as a project for ME to solve MY needs at the time, it was not to set out and be the next roytam1.

There is a need for this project to continue.

We are all intelligent and knowledgeable and assist at times we have the time to do so - but do our "positive" days act as a balance to offset our "negative" days?

No, not in my opinion!  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  No amount of "positive" any of us ever does should be in the back of the mind of any moderator thinking "ignore the negative, s/he posts positives also".

We have a lot of "alpha dogs" here and they (sometimes even me) think the world revolves around said "alpha dogs" and their topics and posts.

I do not have any answer on how to resolve said "atmosphere".  Most here just add the "negative" posters to their "ignore list" (and moderators even suggest this approach).


Okay, "having said that" and being generally "solutions-oriented", I am hereby abandoning this thread.

roytam1 has the "power" to request his threads be locked and I would request the very same for this thread - please lock this thread.

v11, v12, and v13 should be considered abandonware.  I have removed them from my Dropbox and all links are "404'd".


v13.5 build 2022 shall be considered the only version that I am still "involved" in.  This thread has reached 130 pages and has "served its purpose".

We can lock this thread for use as "reference", but I do not see the need to keep this thread "alive".

v11 and v12 lack too much funtionality in the "modern" web to devote any time to "going forward".

v13 and v13.5 are too "identical" to warrant maintaining both.


I'll start another thread for continued discussions on v13.5 build 2022.  Let's please all respect each other and stay positive and that thread should serve a better purpose "to infinity and beyond".

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Link to new thread  --  https://msfn.org/board/topic/184135-arcticfoxienotheretoplaygames-360chrome-v135-build-2022/ (have not provided download links at the time of this posting, will be doing so shortly).

Please consider this my last post in this thread.

I kindly request that our new thread be dedicated to v13.5 build 2022.

References to anything outside of v13.5 build 2022 should be considered as "off-topic".  (ie, members wanting a v11 thread, for example, should kindly start their own thread.)

Citing any web page that "does not work" and also does not work in Official Chrome v86 should also be considered as "off-topic".

Please do not view this as "micro-managing", but rather as a CLEAN NEW START - I invite any-and-all to join me in our new thread.  :hello:

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