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Will a Win 7 Pro key work for Win8.1 or Win10?


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Backstory: I was gifted three desktops so long ago that I don't remember their history.

Today: I dug out these desktop towers which have all had their HDD's removed, but have win7pro key stickers on their cases. Would I be able to use those keys to activate either Win8.1 or Win10 pro? The only hardware that will change in their current setup will be the addition of a HDD to install the OS on. I know SSD's would be better but that's an option for a later time (ie I dont' have a spare laying around).

I have Win8.1 on a laptop - I like it more than win10 but not as much as XP :cool:. However Win10 seems to be a necessary evil to run specific software, now that I'm into VR but I'd like to install win8.1 on at least one of the desktops.

Also, since my Win8.1 is on a laptop I don't have the install media (it's a Lenovo laptop). Would someone be so kind as to link me to offline installation media (iso) for 8.1 please, since I'm sure it's out there, I'm just having trouble finding it. Offline install is preferred due to my limited data allowance, so that I can make an install dvd and then of course keep for any future reinstall/repair. (Pretty sure they don't have wifi cards atm either.)

Thanks in advance :) 

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If key has not been previously used you should be working still to Windows 10 upgrade. Just enter key during fresh install of Windows 10. I did it bit over month ago to one and it worked still with win7 starter key so it very likely still works

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