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where can i find a working official key for vista ultimate


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3 hours ago, Sergiaws said:

I thought this was an illegal topic here.

Why ? People sell their boxed editions of Vista , sometimes very very cheap , because Vista is not very popular (to my surprise) , it is perfectly legal. 

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You can buy COAs on the secondary market, either used or NOS FPP. It is a license violation to transfer a license to different hardware but it isn't illegal. If you are a individual who purchases and uses a license, there is no problem but caveat emptor if a used key doesn't activate. There is no recourse with the seller or Microsoft in that case. If you are a business, you can fail auditing if you are found to be in violation of the license (or contract should you have one) so it is not recommended at all for a business to buy used licenses. A sealed System Builder or Retail FPP is perfectly safe from any of that.

As for the forum, you can ask for a product key but no one is allowed to post one that isn't an install key.

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