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Microsoft Edge Chromium for MacOS and Linux


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Stable, Beta, Dev and Canary channels are supported on MacOS

Stable, Beta and Dev channels are supported on Linux

Stable - v97.0.1072.69
Intel Chip: Microsoft Edge Setup  /  Without Telemetry  /  Group Policy (For both MacOS and Linux)

Apple Chip: Microsoft Edge Setup  /  Without Telemetry        

Linux x64: Deb - Ubuntu Setup  /  Fedora - openSUSE Setup

Beta - v98.0.1108.33 (Major Updates Every 4 Weeks)
MacOS: Microsoft Edge Beta Setup 

Linux Downloads: Debian - Ubuntu Setup  /  Fedora - openSUSE Setup

Dev - v99.0.1141.0 (Updated Weekly)
MacOS: Microsoft Edge Dev Setup

Linux Downloads: Debian - Ubuntu Setup  /  Fedora - openSUSE Setup 

Canary - v99.0.1146.0  (Updated Daily, except for weekends)
Downloads: Microsoft Edge Canary Setup 


Useful Hints and Announcements

New version of the Surfing game is now available to play, just enter this URL: edge://surf


System Requirements:-

Supported operating systems: MacOS 10.12 or later and Linux distros Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and openSUSE

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On Manjaro Linux, Dev build can be installed by entering the following command into the terminal:

pamac build microsoft-edge-dev-bin

Or for installing the Beta build:

pamac build microsoft-edge-beta-bin

Nobody uploaded stable build to AUR at the time of this writing.

Seems to work as good as one would have expected from any Chromium based browser on Linux. Media playback in the browser integrates with KDE Plasma desktop environment, so you get the notification icon in the system bar (same thing as notification area in Windows) that opens playback controls. They also show on the lock screen.

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