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IS there going to be a new fix about aeroglass or not?

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It's broken since Windows 10 18363.752, April 1. I find many people have the same issue.

It's May 22.

There's still no fix about it, am I right?

And the win10 2004 is released...

So will the next patch cover this new win10 update? Or are we gonna come across another break?

I know everyone is busy, especially bigmuscle.

But will you please give us some information about it? 

I don't wanna login in everytime and finding nothing useful...

Also no email after donation, post April 1. Still no respond.

Thank you for your time reading this...



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I can't say anything official, but it is safe bet to assume that bigmuscle decided to skip fixing the problem with the security update. That is because of the 2004 being so close to be released to the public. So instead of fixing one issue in April and then have to do another fix so soon. 

So i believe that the 2004 compatible version will also fix this current problem with 1909 too. 

There are threads detailing how to replace the necessary files in system32, and then have aero glass working on current 1909 too. 

Then if you can, stay on 1909 until the next version with 2004 comes out, then take a system restore image and update glass8 and windows. 

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Seriously with the Covid situation going on nobody should be putting any pressure on BigMuscle, it's not like Glass8 is an essential program for anyone to run Windows.

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Hi Everyone, i hope bigmuscle is healthy and/or have no other problems.

In the very same i hope we have a new Build for Win 10 2004 (fix 1909 issue?)  down 29. of May 2020.

This is the day of first wave for ms to roll out 2004...



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This happens every time Windows does big updates.  It breaks Aeroglass.  It's been going on for years.  It usually takes BigMuscle a month or two to fix Aeroglass so it works on the new version of Windows.  I agree that he most likely didn't update after the last months update, because the big update was coming out this month.    What's the point of starting to work on it if MS is going to break it again.

He'll get there.  I don't imagine the Coronavirus is making things easy either.  Depending what problems it's causing for him, maybe it'll be a while :(

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  • 2 weeks later...

Not really BigMuscle's fault that Microsoft keeps making substantial enough changes to windows 10 that it keeps breaking Aeroglass.

I'm kind of moot.  The delay in Aeroglass updates it's usually enough time to determine if the big spring/fall updates are having other issues.  By the time the Aeroglass update comes out your pretty safe to install the spring/fall update.

I hope BigMuscle is doing ok out there. 

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