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  1. It's broken since Windows 10 18363.752, April 1. I find many people have the same issue. It's May 22. There's still no fix about it, am I right? And the win10 2004 is released... So will the next patch cover this new win10 update? Or are we gonna come across another break? I know everyone is busy, especially bigmuscle. But will you please give us some information about it? I don't wanna login in everytime and finding nothing useful... Also no email after donation, post April 1. Still no respond. Thank you for your time reading this...
  2. I have the same problem after this new patch to 18363.752, ag is broken :(
  3. Hey, muscle, I really like your program and I haven’t received the email after the donation on 31th March GMT. I made a direct Donation by transfer to your paypal account (bigmuscle@centrum.cz) transfer code is 5AN87481PN0751715 , and I can't login in the glass8.eu site neither, hope to get the necessary key about removing watermark. BTW after the recent update of win10, 18363.752 aeroglass is broken for me and I can not download the symbols using pdbdownloader. help😞

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