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  1. Hi BM, that you are no answer to anything and everything ist regarding to your character. A little 3 word anwer is all you need to tell us. my father and mother are died in december 2020. but i have to answer questions. please think about! is up to you - many People waiting for anything of you. May be you are died or have a heavy disease ? If you can answer please do it! god bless you....
  2. Shall we remain here or can we fade away? Do you appreciate us, then answer! We all have hard times... Thank you.
  3. No more to say. A have spend round about 50.-EUR for that formally very good work. I used AG for 2.5 Years..... Good Deal?
  4. <ironic> Yes, sure. BigMuscle give us every time MS make a new BUILD/VERSION an Update. It is so easy and no problem to fix it very fast....<\ironic> @bigmusclethis is already right, yes? sarcastic greetings after Halloween
  5. @ Big Muscle AKA BM: This Forum turns to Power-Tips for other SW. Win 10 Version 20H2 is Ready for Rollout. 20H2 have no changes about DWM-Subsystem against Win10 Version 2004. Are YOU be up for release a AG Version or is it to complex? Please SET AG in the middle of the Forum and make this Forum GREAT again ;-) TRON
  6. I think BM is on the way... I think he have a fight with the code to give us a rock-solid AG for coming Win Versions and Builds. BUT i think he should place a short message every zwo weeks!!
  7. I Think he doesn't work this time on AG anymore. I think there is another Projekt or BM has bigger Problems... A short Message or a quick reply - NOTHING
  8. PLS, only a Short Message. Then you can close this Tread.
  9. Win 10 2004 / 20H1 is rolling out today. MCT is aviable tomorow. Hope the new AeoroGlass is coming soon... @bigmuscleanother 5€ for dev....
  10. Hi Everyone, i hope bigmuscle is healthy and/or have no other problems. In the very same i hope we have a new Build for Win 10 2004 (fix 1909 issue?) down 29. of May 2020. This is the day of first wave for ms to roll out 2004...
  11. Hi Everyone, Hi bigmuscle, Win 2004 is RTM no new function only bug fixes. I know that you doesn't release Glass Versions for non official Windows Builds. We need those stuff. Have you Alpha/Beta Version of Aero Glass? Symbols are online. Thank you
  12. Hi, I hope we get a new Build at all... Feature Requests are to much at this time... @Bigmuscle: please comment anything, that we now how long it takes - i hope you have not a private Problem. If so, i wish you the Best!
  13. Hi, a have Donated 250.- EUR in 4 Years. @Bigmuscle : If you have the Time > Please give us a Timeframe for a new Build, or tell us everything you want to do. No Info is also no solution. No Problem if you tell us to wait another 6 Month... Thank you for your work!

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