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Linux - Your thoughts and opinions


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So I decided to make a general thread about Linux, and your thoughts and opinions on it.

I've been trying out many Linux distros over the past couple of years and while most of them are the same outside, the insides can be quite different which is why I make sure to give them a fair going over before judging them. After months of testing Debian Linux, I can safely say that I understand why Linux has not taken over the Windows market.

I consider myself a very advance Windows user, I'm even certified in A+, and even I find Linux somewhat clunky and unpleasant to use. It's possible I'm not looking for information in the right places, but there are just so many things that I do not like about Linux in general, but then there are a few things I do like. So I'll start with the things I do like.

Things I like
-Almost all versions of Linux are free
-There are MANY versions of free software alternatives to everyday Windows programs, I especially love KolourPaint, it's essentially MSPaint XP on steroids
-You can own a current OS for nothing
-Stability is quite good, security is awesome
-Drivers are often times fully included right out of the box and you don't need to chase a bunch down to make things work
-Even very old hardware can be supported just fine, unlike Windows which fabricates old hardware as unusable, if Linux can support old hardware, so can you Windows. You just don't want to.

Things I don't like
-Hard to update certain software, especially browsers like Firefox that are somewhat integrated into the OS itself, aka ESR versions, and change them to mainstream versions
-Does not play as nice with Windows via networking. I do not care for how complicated Samba can be sometimes
-I hate the desktop, I want shortcuts on my desktop, I do not what them going into a folder called desktop but they never show up on the desktop
-I definitely don't like all the stupid little folders that are obscure. Windows has Users, Program Files, Windows, System32, etc. What is var, lib, srv, proc, etc? Those mean nothing to me.
-Updating programs can be complicated if you don't get command line down. It's not horrible but somewhat inconvenient
-It's very easy to break something, even while updating, and literally ruin your entire installation
-I don't find the support communities very friendly most of the time

With the last one, I'm sure they get tired of hear the same questions asked over and over again, especially ones that they deem easy to figure out. But at the same time, if you want people to jump ship to your software, you need to be willing to help them out. Most of the world relies on Windows and Linux is a very different beast. Although some distros exist like Q4OS, which is by far my favorite so far, they can mimic Windows, but underneath they are still totally different creatures.

Do I hate Linux? Of course not! I think it's a pretty cool platform but as I see it, there are two types of users for it. Advanced programmers/developers, and hardcore geeks/nerds. I don't mean the latter in a bad way at all of course since I consider myself somewhat of a nerd. But Linux just isn't ready for primetime use for most people. Heck, some people here at work have a hard time understanding what you mean when you tell them to click on the "Big Blue E", or using "the slash above the enter key". There's no way they'd comprehend terminals and shells and command line, etc.

How do you feel about Linux, what are your likes/dislikes? Where do you see strengths or weaknesses? I'd like to know your thoughts!

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I like debian. Not some derivative distribution, but plain vanilla debian.
Now, regardless of what linux distribution one uses, I think the best desktop environment is Trinity, hands down.
If not that, then xfce. All others are too much fireworks and eye-candy for my taste. Of course, just my 2¢. YMMV.

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Both posts above sum it up for me really. Q4OS is cool, as is the Trinity DE. (And funny enough I'm also a fan of Xfce, probably because it's functional and customisable enough but not stupidly heavy like GNOME 3 is - I also love the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix' attitude the Xfce developers take, which explains the slow update scheduling they use).

Though yeah, GNU+Linux will never hit it for the average PC user unless various BIG companies were to sell their own distributions or something along the lines of that (similarly to how MacOS builds from FreeBSD). Maybe MS should think about this instead of bothering with the 15-year-old underinvested NT 6 kernel.

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