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Replacing Win10 from new Lenovo desktop machine with XP?


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My new Lenovo is a cute little machine, but it is spoiled by being infested by a Windows 10 installation..

So my idea is to replace the Win10 with WinXP.

I tend to think that the Lenovo hardware should run XP without any problems.

But I don't know. So, before I venture into terra incognito,

are there things I should know

that might msake me change my mind?

I have enough hardware to build another XP machine but I wouuld enjoy being able to use the Lenovo instead.

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Generally speaking, DON'T.

Only a very few, selected machines/motherboards built in the last - say - 5 years can use XP directly,

Anyway post the EXACT model, "my new Lenovo" doesn't help in checkng if there is a possibility.


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Go to the page of your PC manufacturer, find your model and check what drivers they have available for each OS, this way you will see what OSs can be installed on that machine.

But just to make things a little better, without installing another OS, Download and install Classic Shell 4.3.1: http://www.classicshell.net/

Also this commands (run them as admin) may be usefull for you (valid from 7 to 10), see attached 7zip file.


Usefull commands.7z

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although MS ended support for XP POSReady 2009 on April 9, 2019 (for those XP users who have used the posready reg hack) - no more new posready updates will be made


btw, Lenovo has only Win10 downloads for OP's Lenovo desktop PC (it's a 310s-08iap), no Win7 downloads available

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On 4/8/2019 at 4:44 PM, Roffen said:

Specs of Lenovo tabletop machine:

Type: 90GA003LMW R304CF20

P.family: Idea Centre 310S-081AP



OS: Win 10 Home

What is the processor?

EDIT: I do not think that it is possible to run Windows XP on that machine. You could try, but you probably would have to put in quite the effort and money to get the OS working correctly. Moreover, I think that you might need to get an external GPU, because I am not aware of there being drivers for that PC's graphics card for XP.

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Found the processor
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Not quite on-topic,

but anyway, I find it practical to ask if anyone can help me access the SSD in my Lenovo. I once was able to locate the drive and open it, but since that time I have never been able to find the SSD disk again. I want to try partitioning the disk and install Win 7 or Win XP on one partition.

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