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My account has been blocked

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4 hours ago, DarkKnight said:

I would just select a handful of testers

How 'bout a handful of testes? :buehehe:  Seriously though, @bigmuscle, you should take all distribution as a complement.  If your code sucked no one would share.  I think you should THANK @nicely for getting the word out about your work.  Remember he is doing this for free, and you don't owe him anything for his promotional efforts.

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Because I can.
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17 hours ago, dhjohns said:

I think you should THANK @nicely for getting the word out about your work.

Getting word out is not a problem, but going against terms of use is. Besides, it's a good netiquette to link to the official source of whatever you're promoting.

21 hours ago, DarkKnight said:

I know it gets to be a bit much listening to all the moaning and groaning

This. A lot of people out there who think they're entitled to something. Anonymous mask that the internet gives tends to make people behave even shittier than they otherwise would.

21 hours ago, DarkKnight said:

personally if it were me, I would just select a handful of testers, and let them test it before release instead of making it available to everyone, then you would not have to worry about things like what happened with nicely happening.

I like that idea. Then the general public won't be able to complain about debug windows and watermarks, though admittedly, there's always something to complain about. :whistle:

But honestly, directing frustration at Big Muscle, besides not helping in anyway, possibly even discouraging further development is misguided because ultimately, we're here due to the fact that Microsoft intentionally removed perfectly functional feature. In the old days, these types of programs were used to extend operating system with new functionality that wasn't implemented before, but today, we happen to also need software that restores features that were perfectly functional in previous versions. There is an easy checkbox in Windows 7/Vista for toggling transparency that satisfies the user with either preference.

I remember the post where Big Muscle said he considered open sourcing Aero Glass, but decided against it due to other people's behavior. There was a similar story with Classic Shell, started out as closed source, then it was open sourced for a while before being closed again due to other people's behavior. The code was opened in the end when its author decided to stop developing it any further.

Perhaps, as @DarkKnight said, changing things in one direction or another would just require more consideration on the licensing. Though in the end, I also agree there's nothing particularly off-putting or nonsensical about the rules already in place. You can never make everyone happy...


On 12/7/2018 at 5:17 PM, adacom said:

so unless i/we are missing something and the donation king has made it available to anybody why is he banning someone for posting something that the world and its dog can download

Experimental builds can be downloaded only by donators in the first days. He must have downloaded it before it was available for everyone.

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