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The fall of Linux?


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11 hours ago, OldSchool38 said:

Been hearing about Linus Torvalds recently:



I suspect Luke Smith may be right, is Linux going the way of Microsoft?  If so, I might as well reinstall windows 7! :(


BSD or Windows XP/7 for me if this happen. I already dual-boot Slackware and Windows XP.

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4 hours ago, tain said:

Linus is just taking a break.  He made it clear in the announcement that he still loves the project. 

Linux itself would still be fine even if Linus were hit by a bus :rolleyes:

That's what Bill Gates did and look what happened. Windows hasn't been the same.

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I don't think it will happen As it is the only operating system having the license-free use. It is the best option for startups or new enterprises which are on a budget.

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