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  1. Thanks for the information! reads thread linked....Yikes!, some of those folks over there need to put their arrogance in check-not everyone wants to use microsoft's latest spyware!
  2. I love the old game doom and doom 2, however the newest builds for that source port don't support Windows xp anymore, does anyone know the last version that does? Or if it's possible to hack a newer version to work with XP?
  3. Went through my old parts bin and found an old enlga 1320 lan card, not sure if it's intel or not but the drivers are realtek. Got that installed on my dell 330, went to the bios settings and turned the onboard card off in the nic settings. I have xp installed at the moment, how can I check to see if the ME signal has been successfully cut off? Also, if it does work-will it work on a Dell 780 with a Core 2 Quad 2.93 cpu also?
  4. Cool! I wonder if I could set up my old dell 330 system to do this? Maybe even my 780! Good weekend project, I might can just mod my existing systems to take advantage of this if I can find another lan card in the parts bin I have. As for cpus, I have three 775 socket ones to choose from: Intel® Pentium® Processor E2180 - 1M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 800 MHz FSB Intel® Pentium® Processor E5500 (2M Cache, 2.80 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E8400 - 6M Cache, 3.00 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB I know the core 2 duo is the more powerful, but in terms of built in spyware-are the older ones better to use or should I just go with the Core 2 duo and try the above mentioned technique?
  5. I'd like to put together a basic desktop that doesn't have the intel management engine back door built into it. I'm sure I'll have to get an older cpu to do this, but which ones are available?
  6. I recently gave the Extended Kernel another try recently (with a 2000 disk with updates nlited in it) and found a fair amount of success. I had a ati HD3450 512 mb card going with blackwingcat's 10.7 drivers. I was wondering if there were any custom drivers for more modern ati cards like the R7 240 2gb version?
  7. Ok, thought I'd ask. I've had some recent success messing with windows 2000 (blackwingcat ati drivers rock!) might try that instead.
  8. I got curious recently about trying a Win98SE install after I got my hands on an installation disk. I have an old T60 thinkpad (2007 series with ati video) and I was able to successfully install Win98 on it. However I'm having trouble finding any win98 drivers, it seems 2000 pro is the earliest available. Does anyone know of any drivers that are available for this laptop?
  9. It's a modem leased from the cable company.
  10. I believe the router is an arris-c202, it says on the sec mode: wpa2-psk, does that help?
  11. I have a T60 I'm using right now that I have replaced the original bios with Libreboot using Luke Smith's tutorial here: I have Trisquel 9 mini version installed as the OS, seems to be working just fine!
  12. One of my family members has recently gotten their hands on a dell optiplex 7040 regular tower with an I7 processor. They were looking for a wifi card or usb device they could use on the dell to pick up wifi from their router. I've looked on amazon, but there are tons of choices-does anyone here have any specific recommendations based on their experiences? Would prefer something inexpensive if possible.
  13. Is there a good tutorial out there for ClamSentinel? I recall trying it years ago and didn't get very far with it.
  14. Where can I download Windows Firewall Control Just came across this post recently and remembered I couldn't find it anywhere to download.
  15. I just did a near vanilla install of windows 2000 recently (only using the 5.1 update) and found this website: https://www.mylgphones.com/lg-android-usb-device-drivers I found the LG United Mobile Driver 3.8.1 to be compatible, and was able to access my old lg trac phone on windows 2000 via usb cable! Don't know if this has already been found-but I thought I'd share it here!
  16. How do you disable telemetry on Firefox? I use occasionally on Linux.
  17. Yes, I got the extended kernel to successfully install and was able to use more updated versions of various programs, but I tried several of BWC's drivers and couldn't get any of them to work.
  18. Well, I've tried a number of BWC drivers and no luck, I finally decided to go to XP Home for my windows machine and just use classic settings.
  19. Just tried that on the windows 2000 installation I have (with Blackwingcat's extended kernel) and it works! I can see 4 cores of my amd processor in windows 2000!
  20. http://www.intelliadmin.com/index.php/2007/01/unofficial-windows-2000-daylight-saving-time-patch/ Has anyone tried this? Does it work? Just curious before I mess with it.
  21. Signed! I hope XP support is kept! Long live XP!
  22. Any suggestions about an Nvidia driver for my geforce 710? That's the only issue I have left. Edit: Here is a pic of the original box for more information.
  23. Thanks for your work roytam1, please keep working on vanilla 2000 friendly browsers! I've ordered a new hard drive and plan to have a win2000 specific desktop soon. Btw-do you take donations to support your work?
  24. Tried an old geforce 7200 card, the BWC drivers still don't work-broke out an old 165 driver and it worked fine. I was able to install the 4.13 version of CCleaner, the current version of VLC and Smplayer and run them successfully so I know the extended kernel works.
  25. Well, I've went ahead and tried several of BWC Nvidia drivers so far (300 series) and no luck, I've heard of something called extended core (KB979683-v10c-x86-enu.exe) and gave that a shot. It installed with no hiccups but all my attempts to install the Nvidia drivers through the control panel have failed as well. Darn it, I feel I'm on the edge of success this time-but I seem to have hit the wall again.

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