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aero glass for version 1803

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24 minutes ago, JTB3 said:

After this week's recent 'Cumulative Update" for W10 version 1803, AeroGlass is now not downloading/hooking the latest Symbols file.


Has anyone else successfully downloaded the new symbols?  If so, could you please upload them and/or post a link+instructions to download them?

Much Appreciated! - JT 

I just solved the symbols issue by following the instructions from this post:

Worked like a charm! -JT  :cheerleader:

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On 9/5/2018 at 11:48 AM, neguinhofaca said:

This link is offline. repair please   

Apologies for the very late reply - been recovering from emergency surgery.

Perhaps the link in question was offline due to maintenance because I just clicked it and it appears to work as intended (a BLOB file is downloaded).

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