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Last versions of software for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008


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On 8/21/2019 at 1:29 PM, Ruan said:

Sandboxie 5.30 on Vista HP x86, running perfect.

I attempted another clean install of Sandboxie 5.30 on Vista x86 with the same results as before: Service won't start, driver won't start.

On 8/22/2019 at 12:04 PM, Ruan said:

Not sure where you are with updates, but if your system is pre-Meltdown/Spectre updates, then an older version of SB (v.5.22?, v.5.24?) might be more compatible.

Sandboxie/Sophos has taken down all older versions with the exception of 5.22, which was of course the last version to support Windows XP (signed Oct. 30, 2017). I was reluctant to install a version that old, so I tried downloading a 5.26 installer from FileHippo (signed July 9, 2018). If I understand your Sep. 26, 2018 post correctly, that versioned worked with or without installing Meltdown/Spectre patches? Unfortunately, I got the same results as I did before with 5.30: Service won't start, driver won't start. :angry: So I turned in despair to XP-compatible version 5.22, which proved to be a piece of cake:


As you can see, I did not uninstall Avast, which makes my earlier hypothesis of an undocumented conflict between Avast and Sandboxie appear rather doubtful. (I did however update my 7-Zip to version 19 this month. Could that perhaps have been the cause of my issues with newer Sandboxie versions?) Before I attempt to install version 5.24 or higher, I have a few more questions for you Ruan. :worship:

Would you please look at this question at the new Sandboxie forum and tell me whether you think Barb@Sophos answered it correctly? Do you have Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable installed? What .NET Framework 4.x version do you have installed? (I have 4.6.0 and only one program that actually needs a version even that high.) Version Changes do not mention such things.

Thanks again Ruan. :)

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new released bandizip 6.25 still support window vista in minimun system requirements

maybe off topic but Winrar changed his minimun system requirements since version 5.40:

15. Minimum supported Windows version is Windows XP SP3 now.
WinRAR will not run in Windows XP without service

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Good to hear you got Sandboxie working @Vistapocalypse :thumbup .

I couldn't recall if SB 5.26 was working before I installed the Meltdown/Spectre patches, but looking back at my posts, apparently it was :dubbio:.

I have dozens of SB installers saved locally. If you want, I can upload the 32bit installer for 5.26, and you can see if that works instead of the combined one.

I really wouldn't worry using any of the older 5.2x releases. The last known security vulnerability was patched in v.5.04, and AFAIK any updates since, were for compatibility issues. So unless you run into those, you should be fine.

Although you haven't confirmed, I get the gist that you passed on the Meltdown/Spectre patches. If so, possibly this may be your issue with recent versions of SB?. Can't be 100%, but I doubt 7-Zip would cause any major hiccups.

Barb's reply in the thread you linked to was spot on. There was a time, back in v.4 when MS Visual C++ redistributable libraries were installed as a separate download, but that was short lived. I was still using v3.76 back then, and by the time I eventually upgraded, v.4.16 had since been released, and the separate VC download no longer needed.

So I've never had to have a separate MS Visual C++ Redistributable installed for SB to work, but IIRC, when I replaced the graphics card on my Vista system recently, the Nvidia driver did install a VC Redistributable. I'll have to check. This was before I upgraded SB to v5.30, though I doubt it made a difference.

Can't say I've ever heard of any .NET Framework requirements for SB, always just had the default .NET 2 & 3 here.

No harm in trying an Upgrade Install with 5.24, if it doesn't work out, you can easily downgrade again using the same method with the 5.22 installer. Should be straightforward, and quick.

- Ruan :)

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19 hours ago, Ruan said:

Barb's reply in the thread you linked to was spot on.

Funny you should say that in light of Barb's first sentence:


You do not need to uninstall or install anything specific to get Sandboxie [5.30] to work on your system, as long as you are using a stable/updated version of Windows 7, 8.1 or 10.

For those running Windows Vista without a lot of Server 2008 updates who wish to download Sandboxie directly from https://www.sandboxie.com/AllVersions, I could only recommend Version 5.22.

Thanks again Ruan, but I now feel that we have chewed up a great deal of thread discussing Sandboxie without really resolving anything, and I don't wish to delve into Server 2008 updates at this time.

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Thank you @Ruan for all the additions! Added them to the list.

Also, Telegram Desktop now no longer supports Windows XP and Vista as of yesterday. A message that once said "Update your OS, Telegram is ending support for it on Sept 1." or something along those lines, now says this upon launching the application:


I have archived the software installer along with its portable version here for those interested, and the link is also provided on the first post.


  • Added PriviZer & Simple Software Restriction Policy to "Antivirus & Security software" section.
  • Updated information on Telegram Desktop: version 1.8.2 is the last for Windows XP and Windows Vista; the software no longer supports these operating systems as of September 1, 2019.
  • Added Hard Configurator, Revo Uninstaller Free, and SUMo Software Update monitor to "System Management, Cleanup, & Analysis" section.
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Hmmmmm. I tried out the 360 Extreme web browser because I have issues using New Moon so I tried it out and i found one problem. It can't import passwords from a .csv file, nor even import settings from Chrome or Firefox (It needs profiles from version 57 or newer). So I tried out the slightly older Yandex Browser. It works perfectly fine.

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6 hours ago, icanttellyou said:

Add Mumble 1.2.19 to the list, this is the last version to run on Vista, as 1.3.0 needs a library in kernel32.dll

... Actually, I could not reproduce this on my Vista SP2 32-bit Home Premium installation; grabbing MSIs from their GitHub repository, all versions 1.3.0rc1, 1.3.0rc2 and the stable final release 1.3.0 had no issues installing and (at least) launching properly under my OS :cheerleader::




As I'm not a gamer myself, I can't really tell if the application works fully as intended! ;)

Seeing you're on Vista Ultimate x64, perhaps what you report is true for the x64 OS, when the mumble-1.3.0.winx64.msi installer is being used; other Vista x64 users may have to test, too... But on Vista x86, all appears OK thus far... :) (BTW, I believe the x86 mumble version can surely work in your x64 Vista OS, wouldn't it? :whistle:)

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