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XP and malware.


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Security setup here:

Windows XP SP3 with all XP updates till Apr. 2014

POSReady 2009 hack for updates till 2019

Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit



And yes it is running on the specs below, on the SSD too ;)

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Same here!

I'm running Windows XP Service Pack 3 32bit (PAE, unlocked kernel 36bit), avast premiere, avast firewall and... well... an SSHD!

I run regular scans and I have the POS Ready updates.

I never had to format since 2002 and I just cloned several times my Windows XP to change my computers.

This exact copy of XP "lived" inside different hard drives, going from PATA to SATA and together with an old Sempron, then several Athlon single core, then an Athlon dual core, then a laptop, then a Phenom II X6, and now it's in an old netbook 'cause I have to move frequently between IT, DE and U.K. 

I actually have two backup copies of this OS and I proudly consider it my "baby" :') 

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I am not feeling quite well these days. In addition to XP /MS troubles my wife regrettably is suffering dementia and it is geting worse all the time. I don't see what can be done about for the time being. I think the best thing I can do so I can continue using XP must be to find a way of installing and reinstalling without running into activation problems. I am running Win7 here now but am looking for troublefree ways to continue using XP. Here is what I have in mind: I make a fresh install of XP. I make a clone of that so if I run into truble a quick repair can be possible. Then I will run SP4.Exe, I believe I have a copy somewhere but will look for it here before I leave. Will installation of Sp4 be of any help wrt activation problems? For the time being I do not use XP on the Internet. Booting XP now telles me I have three days left to activate (or else..., I presume) I have Macrium but have never tested it except to make a clone on a DVD. Is that DVD bootable and will it restore the system without any hassle? Will it work restoring provided the new partition is at least the same size as the original? Have to go see what I can make for dinner today. Guess it'll have to be cod with sauce bearnaise, and almond potatoes. I hope I can recover from my somewhat gloomy feelings today.


I find it very difficult to download SP4 from the cloud. What would be the right procedure? I would prefer just to mark all the desired files and click for 'save' but it doesn't work like a regular downloading procedure? What can I be doing wrong?


ETA: Yes, I know it is wrong thread.

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Destro, he has already stated he has Macrium. Also that he needs to Activate. Cloning it will do not one whit of good in his case. Just stop, please.


Roffen, google this for some help on Bootable Recovery.


macrium bootable dvd

Also go back to the other thread and re-read it. The simple answers are there.



And so sorry about your personal troubles. :( Hang in there, my friend. It's life and sometimes it just stinks...

However, <3 her to the bitter end. It's who you are, right?

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