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List of Update need for 7 in order to get 10

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I am only looking for a list of updates that will allow me to get the win10 upgrade install to come up on win7 without having to put in all 200+ update in win7 in order to get the win10 to come up.



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If you use the download tool, I noticed it will automatically download the required updates before attempting to install Windows 10. After finding this method, I never try to get the update to show in Windows Update, because sometimes even after you get GWX onto the system, you STILL can't get it to install Windows 10.


Run the program that is downloaded from the Upgrade Now button.

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Updates that you need to updade to Windows 10 for Free:





You need Windows 7 Service Pack 1, installed in order to make those updates function properly.

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WTH, guys? I'm running a non-Win7/8.x PC ATM.

Using the link Trip gives (and I've given it before) allows for downloading WITHIN 24 HRS (it appends an apparently time-sensitive suffix) to file Windows10_1511_SingleLanguage_English_x32.iso (2.3gb) -or- x64 (3.7gb). The link is *specifically* for downloading the ISO on a non-Win7/win8x PC. (note-There's also the ISO not "SingleLanguage")


This build is *apparently* "10586.3" - an Update.


One of those "lump updates together" things, I guess. :crazy:


November Build 10586 -


A Q/Comments about it?





Build 10240 - the *first* "RTM" (as everybody knows about) -


What's this "Insider" stuff about? Why?



Sorry, I don't get it? :unsure: And PLANNED on getting the ISO to update my Win7Pro (for giggles, at least). Is this more complex than I've found out about so far?


Edit - Has anybody tried this in Windows XP (or even the XP Mode) in VirtualPC? Seriously, its a DIRECT ISO IMAGE, *not* created with Media Creation Tool. :huh:


Edit#2 - Perhaps the above provided via Pre-Win7 OS is the Home version?

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