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What differ 10586 from 10240, really?

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I have 10586 on a desktop machine and 10240 on a laptop. I think the laptop is stabil and nice with Aeroglass an Classic Menu running. I aint got any update för 10586 yet on the laptop and I think about the desktop running latest windows insiders together with aeroglass 491 ....and I can't say I see any real difference...So instead of woundering what happend to the update of november, just be happy at things as they are and stay by 10240 for now.


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The only 2 things I am sure about are slight GUI differences. However there are some bugs that exist in 10240 that I haven't had the chance to test in 10586, or seen anyone else test yet.

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  • Someone changed the Path editing dialog in the old control panel:




  • Of course, we now have the amazing ability to make the current window have a colored title bar.  :}


  • Context menus have a slightly different style.


  • Pretty much the same set of processes is required to boot up a minimum system, and it takes about 1 GB just sitting there.


  • Performance doesn't seem different.  I think it might be a little worse, with regard to file system access.  Not that computers ever need to access files of course.


  • It's observably more likely to try to communicate online, even with all known privacy settings thrown (and which had to be re-thrown when 10586 reverted them all - why are there not lawsuits?).


  • It's broken a few things (e.g., Big Muscle's Aero Glass) that depended upon undocumented things.


  • I have no idea whether anything's different in the Metro/Modern/Universal/App realm, nor could I care one iota less.


  • Fairly sensitive applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, as well as ancient applications continue to work just as they did with 10240, so I don't think much of anything changed in Win32.  Even Big Muscle already has a new Aero Glass that works.


For no discernable feature benefit (to us) we've all been subjected to an in-place upgrade, which no sane person would do on purpose.  But it advances Microsoft's cause to destroy our desires for a system customized to our needs - not to mention privacy.


It is no less than a clear and sad testament that Microsoft has lost the talent and desire to any longer consider Windows a serious operating system.


The golden era of computing is over.



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