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  1. Would this work for firefox with windows 10 in as cmd file?
  2. I am only looking for a list of updates that will allow me to get the win10 upgrade install to come up on win7 without having to put in all 200+ update in win7 in order to get the win10 to come up. cheers
  3. I tryed this but did not work. @echo on cls title Windows Vista Offline Updater color 1F start /wait pkgmgr /ip /m:WINDOWS6.0-KB2079403-X64.CAB /quiet start /wait pkgmgr /ip /m:WINDOWS6.0-KB2117917-X64.CAB /quiet start /wait pkgmgr /ip /m:WINDOWS6.0-KB2141007-X64.CAB /quiet start /wait pkgmgr /ip /m:WINDOWS6.0-KB2281679-X64.CAB /quiet start /wait pkgmgr /ip /m:WINDOWS6.0-KB2296011-X64.CAB /quiet ... exit
  4. Thanks If I under stand correctly I would use one of these : Dism /image:C:\test\offline /LogPath:AddPackage.log /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:\packages\package.cab or Dism /image:C:\test\offline /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:\packages\package1.cab /PackagePath: C:\packages\package2.cab /ignorecheck to do it?
  5. @ Tripredacus Sorry I dont know what DISM is. @ spazmochad & mandrake Darn typo monster got me again. thankx @ harshadhparulekar Thankyou very much the program works great with win7 updates. Can it be changed so the computer reboots after it is done? Can it be change so I can also do the vista updates. I got them in cab form. (http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9646) I found the thingy to do it -> start /wait pkgmgr /ip /m:<path><file name>.cab /quiet <- just don't know what to change and I thought it would be better to ask you anyway. cheers
  6. I am trying to install all update that I can using this: @echo on START /WAIT WUSA IE9-Windows6.1-KB2647516-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2425227-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2476490-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2479943-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2491683-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2503658-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2506212-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2507618-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2509553-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2511455-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2524375-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2525694-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2536275-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2536276-v2-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2544893-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2556532-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2560656-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2564958-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2567680-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2570947-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2579686-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2584146-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2585542-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2588516-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2601626-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2618451-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2619339-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2620704-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2620712-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2621440-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2631813-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2641653-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2644615-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2645640-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2654428-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2660465-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2665364-x64.msu /quite /norestart START /WAIT WUSA Windows6.1-KB2667402-x64.msu /quite /norestart PAUSE EXIT but it does not work and I don't understand why. I like to do it this way but it did not work ether. @echo on START /WAIT WUSA *.msu /quite /norestart pause end Any help will be nice. sorry programing is not my thing.
  7. Well I set up a computer with vista 64 home. I used this "http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9041" for my updates . Now it will not fit on to a DVD. Did I do something wrong?
  8. That was what I was afraid of. thanks
  9. I have win7 pro 32 and I am trying to put updates in vista home 64 but will not let me. I have no problem with vista home 32. Any ideas?
  10. I need some help d/l updates for MS. Every time I go to d/l an update I get the sever has reset and I get nothing. Happens to me on my other computer as well. Any ideas?
  11. Microsoft Security Essentials can it be auto installed? I did search but found nothing on it. RegistryFix7 can it be auto installed? I did search but found nothing on it. thanks. Ok I found the 1st one on MS site. Did not think of looking there, sorry. mssefullinstall-x86fre-en-us-xp.exe /s /runwgacheck /o
  12. Could some one driect me to we I can find these updates. thanks. KB929300 .net 3 KB110806 .net 2
  13. Hi, I d/l it then I converted au3 to exe and install it manually it worked great. When I try to auto install it though I get a error. AutoIt error Line -1: error: variable used without being declared This is how I am installing it: <execute display='Installing AD-AWARE 2007 ...'> <program>%systemdrive%\install\Applications\ADAWARE2007\install.exe</program> <arguments></arguments> <hide>False</hide> <wait>true</wait> </execute> What am I doing wrong?
  14. Try this http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=19792 . It worked for me with XP and I use XPCREATE.

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