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Not me. Older than dirt, lol. Yes, the teens here at MSFN are some of the matureist and smartest people I know. I like seeing teens start something that I have seen done many times over the years, but with new twists, often due to advancements in technology or education. Gamehead200 is a very bright teen, but does not know how to use a camera properly! Joking Gamehead. Remember the vacation in Mexico, lol. Everyone here that has already posted in this thread I have always considered smarter and more mature than the average teen. There are also some very wise teens that have yet to post in this thread. Also, imagine the guests that are teens that do not post because they think they are not up to it. I get emails from guest teens too embarassed to post sometimes. Once they realize that all of us "teens and oldies like me" will be happy to help without ridicule it will be a better day.

Thanks to all MSFN Teens and the membership at large we are the best community on the net INHO.

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Without offending anyone, I must say that from all the countless hours I have spend browsing online forums I have concluded that the average teen knows more about computers than the average adult! ... So hail the mighty teens, they who shall own the internet for all time to come :rolleyes:

... and yes, I'm a teen too :)

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