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  1. Unfortunately it's just a model and is nowhere near mass production :-\
  2. They probably couldnt turn all to well...
  3. Nooo Hauppauge makes the best cars IMHO. Couple a 150 or 350 with SageTV and you have a nice setup.
  4. Proabably Dane Cook and Jeremy Hotz, both extremely funny.
  5. Actually Sony released a Linux kit themselves, but I belive they're all sold out now.
  6. Get something from USRobotics... they make very high quality routers that can hold up with a lot of data transfer. My old Linksys used to crash all the time with Shareaza transfering... But now with this new USR one it hasn't crashed yet.
  7. Here's so far! - Bose Triport Headphones! !!!!!!!! - Some Best Buy gift cards - Kicking Net and various tees - More Bestbuy gift cards - Other various candys
  8. BitTorrent, though without Suprnova that may change. Wired or Wireless Mouse?
  9. Incredibles! Bittorrent or Gnutella 1&2?
  10. Ive been using it as a workstation for about a year now and I love it. Seems more stable... and the only application I used before I switched that doesn't work is Partition Magic, but the Acronis Disk Director suit works just as well
  11. I plan to keep my current one, it's not one of the most common ones but... 1152 x 864
  12. Did a google search, and found this forum post...
  13. I voted other... http://www.newegg.com is the best from my experiences, amazon coming in second.
  14. Ah yeah I saw that one on an epsiode once, pretty funny stuff.
  15. Well I s'pose I'll start this thread off... http://www.llama-land.net/me/yeah.png Still only 14... *grumble grumble* Edited by Doggie - For the benefit of 56k users
  16. Yup... http://www.compusa.com/products/products.a...86+16&Ne=500000
  17. *cough* I belive there already is a crack that emulates steem for HL2.
  18. Rofl, yeah why in God's name would you want to not get the spyware in the first place when you could be spending the time to fix it! All the while having a better browsing experince... That's just crazy.
  19. Come on! How could you forget the loveable BonziBUDDY????

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