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Post your Windows 7 Desktops!


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Yep :), the base image is here:


a similar (IMHO nicer, or at least with more shelf space) is here:


(warning images are biggish)







and here is a more photo-realistic one:






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New monitor, new DreamScene in 3440x1440 goodness. To see the animated desktop, click the YouTube video link. :-)

Screen capture of my beloved Elementalist (Guild Wars 2) as Windows 7 DreamScene desktop background.
Youtube HD video

System Tray: GeForce Experience | Malwarebytes Anti Malware | Winamp | Intel Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise | ZoneAlarm | Windows Security Essentials | TrayIconMenu | TrueCrypt | UPS Battery status

System specs

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Time for a new DreamScene. This time my journey brought me to Diessa Plateau (Guild Wars 2). Something special this time is that it is recorded during dawn time, which only lasts 5 minutes. (Day lasts 70 minutes in-game and night 40 minutes.)

Youtube HD video

System Tray icons: Microsoft EMET | Security Essentials | nVidia Geforce Experience | Malwarebytes | Winamp | ZoneAlarm | TrayIcon Menu | TrueCrypt

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Here's mine:


At first glance, you might say it's XP with a windows 7 Ultimate caption in the start menu, but it's not! This is a genuine Windows 7 Ultimate desktop, tweaked to look as close to XP as I can make it.

Tweaks used:

I also took icons from a real XP installation and applied them over their 7-based counterparts.

The only thing I need to work on is the system tray. It still uses the okay, but bland looking 7 icons. I want the XP icons there too, but I haven't learned how to do it, yet.


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On 18.08.2016 at 12:10 AM, cc333 said:

7+ Taskbar Tweaker

With 7+ Taskbar Tweaker you can reduce the space between tray icons to the same space as in XP (it is a hidden option, accessible via registry).

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Really? I never thought of that possibility!

Based on some basic Googling, it appears that I should begin by tweaking tray_icons_padding.

I haven't touched it for awhile, but with this new information, perhaps I'll revisit it and see if I can refine it some more.

The next step after this would be to get Windows Explorer windows (particularly the toolbars and address bar) to look more XP-like.



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