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  1. I never used Windows 8, but Windows 8.1 in many respects is better than Windows 7. If only not that Metro abomination, it otherwise has better quality than Windows 7. I currently use Windows 8.1. Of course it is worse than Windows Vista, but I would say, a bit better than Win 7. Win 7 was also a big fall in quality itself (after Vista), just not that epic as Vista compared to XP.
  2. Best quality: Windows 2000 Best improvement over previous version: Windows 95 Worst quality: Windows 10 Worst degradation over previous version: Windows Vista
  3. Hello! Do you have this? <link removed> Edit: The Windows 2000 High Encryption Pack
  4. Hello! What about porting the BlueKeep patch from XP?
  5. I was apalled by how much places in Win7 had text not fitting in Russian locale. I never encountered such problem on XP and before. The problem remains in Win 8.1
  6. In my experience, WinXP was slower than Win2000. And please do not cite "prefetcher", it makes ANY operating system slower in my experience, so I always disable it. Most important, WinXP was MUCH, MUCH more buggy than Win2000. In Win2000 I haven't spotted a single bug, in WinXP I could name some 15-20 that I faced. Most of the bugs were visual glitches, sometimes related to the theme engine though. The most annoying bug for me was that the start button would go pushed only after the menu apeared, and not when clicked. Another annoying bug was that the language panel would make the taskbar thick in Classic theme, so I would always take the internat.exe files from Win2000 and replace the layout indicator with it. It would reside in system tray. I also disliked the artwork of WinXP, including the icon theme and how some visuals intended for Luna would still be pushed in Classic theme (such as the aforementioned language panel which was sized for Luna taskbar). The logon window in Classic theme would have weird window metrics and colors imitating Luna. Console window would somtimes disrespect theme settings. And so on and so on... I admit, WinXP had some very useful functions compared to Win2000, such as system restore, ability to arrange icons on the desktop by a grid (this was possible on Win2000 via third-party software), Wi-Fi management, ClearType. But overall WinXP had much worse quality and visual consistency. It also was slower.
  7. I am closing in idle state, it does not overheat. Also it does not stop if the cover is opened and when the cover is closed but there is an external monitor.
  8. I set up the computer should do no action when the cover is closed, in power options. Yet, if to close the cover and wait a few minutes, the laptop stops: the screen is highlited but black, and the machine is not responsive on any action, keyboard and mouse. Only hard power off resumes operation (with damage to the file system). What can I do so to fix this behavior?
  9. When double-clicking an image file, it does not open instantly. If to double-click it the second time, it opens in two instances. This does not depend on the associated viewer (happens with both the default Windows viewer and with MS Photo Editor). A similar, maybe related issue: when double-clickin a torrent file, the torrent downloader opens but without that file, to activate the file one has to double-click it again.
  10. From here: http://winclassic.boards.net/post/804/thread
  11. Did you try to refresh resource cache?
  12. This uptate caused my Win8.1 running on AMD A6-4400M to freeze when browsing Internet and watching videos. I uninstalled the update, the problems gone. But Microsoft still offers the monthly rollup that contains the update. Why they did not revoke it from my system? Granted, it was not rendered unbootable, but the issues are heavy. And if they do not fix it, I will be unable to install any updates any more.
  13. It will work with it enabled. If you want DWM off, you also can do it and Classic theme can work both ways.
  14. There is no tearing of corruption on Win 8. Unless you specifically disable DWM or you use Win 7.
  15. What about adding the Virtual Desktop Manager? It is designed for WinXP, but maybe can work on Win2000 as well. go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=211482
  16. AFAIK, there is a way to entirely remove the "webby" part of the UI from Win2k/xp. There was a guide on the Internet. The UI (Explorer) would be exactly as on WinNT.
  17. There are people who still run Win2k. I do not know why one would want to run WinNT if running Win2k is possible.
  18. Your distro does not allow to install several desktops?
  19. Technically, KDE3 is available for latest openSUSE release, and MAYBE will be available for a few next ones. I do not use Linux any more. Yes, under Gates the doctine was mostly of not removing any features and functions. Only adding newer ones as an option. Windows XP was the first Windows version that featured removal or deprecation of some functions. But that was not a major thing. But on Linux things are much worse. On Windows they do not as often as on Linux throw away toolkits. Now Nadella strives to push his Metro and called the Win32 apps "legacy" but I doubt he will succeed in killing Win32 (or that would be instant death of Microsoft). Previously they also dropped Win16 (while it is still supported on some Windows versions). But on Linux they replace toolkits every 3-4 years, with all software written in those toolkits scrapped as well, if not rewritten by the authors. That's why, Windows 10 is Linuxization of Windows - various toolkits, various styles in every application, constant beta with releases every half a year which do not fix bugs. Hardware that stops working after update and you always wait for a next update with a fix. Something like Ubuntu (the worst Linux distro).
  20. No longer. Windows is more customizable, and technically better in any respect. It also keeps binary compatibility with software for a longer time. Definitely. Xfce and Lxde are just students' graduation projects, no more, in comparison. I do not know how people are using them. The usable desktops were killed when Nadella-kind guys came in and said everything done before them was wrong, desktop is dying, user is stupid and does not need customizability and they know better.
  21. In Linux it is all the same, they are throwing away all customizations, good old interfaces and going touch-friendly. Since 2008 I maintained good old KDE3 that was scrapped but finally I am fed and bored with those destructors. KDE3 is analog of XP in Linux world, and KDE2 in my opinion was even better (analog of Win2000). Since then they pushed for xaml-based interface known as "Plasma" (analog of Metro) and in Gnome world similar things happened (they went touch and abolished the idea of desktop, start meny, tray). That lead to multiple forks and re-creations of Gnome2 and a fork of KDE3, but all based on older toolkits that are going or already dropped from all distros. And there are no resources to port them on newer toolkits that are changing too fast anyway and look worse and more gigantic each time.
  22. They did exactly that with Start menu and it worked.
  23. This is sad. At least on my Win 8.1 it works well. So maybe it deserves inclusion into the list of updates for Windows XP? It was removed from the MS site and I had hard time finding its version in my language (there are different versions for different languages). Only found it on some totally third-party site, even not in Web Archive.

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