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Beau H.

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  1. I'd probably go for Ultimate, maybe. Haven't decided. I need Hyper V so please take that into account @jaclaz Thanks for your help. Beau H.
  2. Beau H.

    Post Your Windows 8.1 Desktop

    Personally, The OPs desktop looks horrendous to me, but y’know. JodyT’s desktop is more something that I would go for. Have a good one.
  3. Beau H.

    Post your Windows 7 Desktops!

    Hi, The OPs Windows 7 desktop looks quite nice, and the classic XP/2000 desktop is an interesting concept Beau H.
  4. Hello Windows 7 gurus, I am considering switching to Windows 7 64-Bit and I am looking through windows versions and I found the following; Starter Home Basic Home Premium Professional Ultimate Enterprise Now then, I am already ruling out Starter and Home Basic, frankly, they are crap. For a decent PC anyway. For making VMs, designing websites, using Discord. Office 2016. What do you recommend? Have a good one.
  5. Beau H.

    Aero Modern (Revival)

    Hi Orlando, Hope you are okay, I have spoken to you personally on Discord. but... I am super excited for this project to be revived with myself considering moving to Windows 7, Have a good one