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  1. @NoelC Any progress on the rounded corners?
  2. To share an image, you should upload it to Imgur and paste the direct link into the box that comes up when you press the image icon on the post editor.
  3. Ooh, nice! I must say, though, that I like the original clsharp layout better.
  4. I think making the X red and putting an outline glow (if possible) would look better.
  5. I just can't get over how great this theme is!
  6. You'll get this when the theme atlas you're using isn't compatible with the theme you're using. This can mostly be seen for theme atlases made for Windows 8 or early 10 that are applied on Windows 10 b10240.
  7. So I can't test the theme atlas, because it just doesn't put buttons anywhere when I apply it, but I can attempt to edit it so the hovered buttons change to the color of your choice. You might also want to try it out to make sure it works.
  8. You can use something to edit the .png file and replace certain colors with what you want, but it's going to be tricky. Yea, I have done this, but right now I am using no themeatlas. I like the way that looks -- no borders, but it would be nice to have a themeatlas which keeps the default look, but allows me to replace the colors. I'm pretty sure there's a link on the Downloads page of glass8.eu for the Windows 10 theme atlas.
  9. You can use something to edit the .png file and replace certain colors with what you want, but it's going to be tricky.
  10. Well the "After" picture doesn't have the Win8 CP/RP theme atlas applied. I think that's your problem.
  11. The Win 7 like layout like the screenshot isn't possible? As of Glass8 v1.4, no, but this feature might be available in the future. The thing about that screenshot is it was taken on a build of Windows 10 that was released before MS decided to change the button height. I recommend using the clsharp atlas above. It looks very nice and doesn't get squished when the caption height is changed. Sure it isn't Aero Glass, but it's one heck of a theme atlas.
  12. These atlases work perfectly, thank you. Is there any working layout file for them to make it possible to change the height of the buttons (e. g. by setting the CaptionHeight there)? Right now the buttons are just as high as the bar which looks kind of bloated. Or is there any possibility to make the buttons look exactly like those shown in the screenshot above (by changing a registry value or something)? You can change the button height, but the combined width will also change proportionally. I don't know if this will work, but you can try making a text file named image-name.png.layout and putting CaptionHeight=18 in. I've found 18 still looks OK, even with the resizing.
  13. I like it. It's not too fancy and has a nice blend of what looks like the high contrast borders and the normal colors. The blur and transparency just add to it. I do agree with NoelC, though. Gray borders will work better with both light and dark backgrounds.
  14. I might risk another reinstall for this. It looks amazing!
  15. A quick search on Amazon shows me >$90 for 1-3TB. Is there a cheaper place?
  16. Yeah. It's just that they tend to be expensive and I don't really have the space to carry one around with my laptop.
  17. I don't really have extra drives lying around that I can use to occasionally clone or backup my computer.
  18. Well, I just ended up doing a reinstall. Luckily the refresh did keep all my files, so now I can copy stuff back. It's weird that no one seems to know why exactly this BSOD happens. I can't find a reason anywhere, and it would be great if someone knew.
  19. It looks like I'm going to have to do that, but it's going to take days to find and install just the default config programs for MSi. Then there's the set up for cloud backup and the rest of the programs. I just want to try literally everything I can.
  20. Two days ago (I think) I was playing with Glass8 and themes. I needed to reapply a theme, so a changed to another one, then changed back. When I clicked the theme, my screen flashed to black and would either show moving horizontal white lines or white flashes any time I moved the cursor (the only thing I could see). I figured this was just another bug, and that deleting the Glass8 task, along with the Glass8 folder, would fix my problem, like it had before. I booted into the advanced options and did what I needed and rebooted, but the problem was still there. After running chkdsk /f C: (with and without the /r flag), sfc /scannow offwindir=C:\Windows offbootdir=C:\, and even manually replacing DWM files (which I did reverse), it still didn't work. For easier viewing, here's what I tried: chkdsk /r /f C: (always said it fixed stuff, but nothing ever changed) sfc /scannow offbootdir=C:\ offwindir=C:\Windows (This either said it couldn't fix anything or it couldn't run at all) dism image=C:\ /cleanup-image /restorehealth /source=E:\sources\install.wim (converted the esd file, and even mounted it, but this still failed out with not being able to find the source files) After all this I finally decided to just do a reset. I chose the one that would keep my files, and it appeared to work, but it reached 100%, rebooted and then said it was undoing its changes. I tried again, and it appeared to work, but then I ran into a BSOD that had the error: BOOT_DEVICE_INACCESSIBLE. I looked this up and it seems pretty common, always happening after resets or refreshes. I played around with the BCD, removing and re-adding entries, but nothing would let me get past this, except booting from the Windows.old directory (this just brings me back to my original problem). Sorry for the long post. My question is: are there ANY possible fixes for this? I don't want to risk a reinstall, because of activation problems people have had doing this. Resets no longer work either. It just says it can't gather files or prepare or something. Help is greatly appreciated. Any more details needed I will provide. I'm kind of getting into a panic, since this is my main computer, and I need it for school in less than two weeks.
  21. Does anyone have a Windows 7/Aero theme atlas that works with the latest Windows 10?
  22. OK. Build 160 fixed everything. But does anyone have a Windows 7 theme atlas?
  23. I don't know, but I guess it's more reliable and safe than the registry way. It also opens that spot up to the ModernFrame DLL.
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