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  1. Aereoglass 1.5.13 w10 1909 18363.720 Symbols updated (22/04/20) Does the glass reflection and blur still work? Both crystal_reflection.png and bec_clouds.png seems not to loadble anymore (is that way since a long time) (I always used AeroGlassGUI to do that. Guess something is changed in the meanwhile).
  2. @NoelC Any ideas why I've lost the blur effect ? Changing the blur values in AeroGlassGUI don't do anything, nothing about blur seems to be present in the registry (like windows wiped the keys) and DWM.exe don't throw symbol errors (so they're updated). AeroGlass on 1809 build (I'm on slower branch)
  3. Symbols are already updated, but I don't see it anywhere on UWP apps. Even its debug window doesn't start. I tried this, which worked in past (anniversary) but don't seems to work perfectly. *EDIT* Actually, two regsvr32 C:\Aero\DWMGlass.dll -- registered the glass (first was failed with error message "can't access to the binary") and taskkill /f /IM ApplicationFrameHost.exe now are showing the three minimize-expand-close button from my atlas. But still no glass frame. I'll see what happen on restart, maybe something need to be preloaded (calculator and calender seems to have glass now) I just hope don't hang metro apps anymore =P *EDIT2* Ok, now it seems to work (with debug window) on some UWP apps. The ones with native transparencies - as calendar/calculator (inherited from project neon?) works best; while others, like store and settings only theme the buttons (maybe due some win awkard self protection?). Sticky notes has issues as the "bin button" is hidden by aero frame buttons and the "x" close the whole app. But I don't use it, so it's a minor issue.
  4. @timia I've slightly modified the atlas and the layout to remove border. This is built around the default windows 10 theme and default Windows metrics settings. Windows 10 now tends to ignore border values (and often corner radius) - especially if you don't use custom themes, as it actually don't have them anymore - so layouts and atlases help to this purpose. It's not perfect, but at least it should work on any win10 theme win7blacksq_atlas2.zip
  5. @timia Could be possible. Attach me (or link) the black square w7 atlas + layout and I'll try to fix it
  6. @timia I modified some layouts time ago (still works on 1803) to have thin borders.
  7. I've noticed few issues since latest two win updates (un-targeted branch, 1803) Sometimes, explorer.exe is not launched (but it can be started manually) After an update, boot screen is stuck at 100% updated. After reset, works. I'm not sure is due AeroGlass, but worth mention it. I've updated symbols again, maybe the issue will disappear. //edit Yup. I had old symbols, now it works nice
  8. No ETA. Usually an experimental aeroglass stay for a while - even months - before going stable. It need time to be updated with MS OS changes :3
  9. Well, 1.5.3 works partially with 1703. 1.5.4 Beta version works nice - only UWPs apps are missing back button on left. Tried sagorbird theme+atlas+glass+uwp frame+uxtsb everything seems to be in place. Of course, you'll see two/three debug window also with .key (but can be moved on desktop 2)
  10. Yes, atlas can be used with almost every theme. And can be taken from theme itself for best result, which is quite cool Of course, 7/rounded atlas are usually better with 7 themes - for a frame rounded layout; while 10/square atlas are better with 10 themes - for a squared frameless layout.
  11. Thanks for cmd tip. Actually, I already moved debugs windows to desktop 2 to avoid over-clicking. And yes, no more hangs it seems. Fun fact: even on some insider rings - without aero glass - the back button on metro apps don't show.
  12. It's working now, I missed the regsvr part, thanks again I'm noticing some hangs on explorer/start area - and missing back on metro frame. Well, I'll test it for a while :3 Now seems acting better - maybe need a little of trial stage to works well when enabled for first time. And what if I want to disable glass on metro apps without unregistering whole dwmglass? I read symbols versions from dwm debug window/log. Sometimes, hardcoded symbols are "old" after a win update; I update them when ready to avoid "dwm don't know how hook". But usually everything works also without them Sometimes, UWP glass hangs and I've to restart its debug windows. Well, actually I had two debug windows for UWPs: one with file icon (triggered by settings) and the other with folder icon (triggered by calculator). Closing one, could make start again metro apps/left area of start without restarting any process... These two seems to lock resources. Well, still having some hang issues with UWP frame, but it could be due uxtsb hook. Who knows. Every 'x' time, the frame process hangs and prevent to start any metro app - included settings. This affect also some windows. After a while, seems to be work fine without hangs. Glass environment stabilized
  13. @UCyborg mmh awkard... actually here the four symbols .pdb are present (used win10 sdk and script to get them) but are "older" - 10.0.14393.xxx (Anniversary Update) - but for dwm.exe are fine. Not tried on insider yet. And didn't test centered title - but yes, sagorbird theme/atlas/theme setting show a (better) glow but still no glass on most metro apps. There are any mandatory settings in aeroglassGUI/registry/metro settings to make it work ?
  14. So, for theming settings you need uxtsb? Well, I hooked loader for using updated 10 black theme; so it's working fine here. No glass on settings, but everything else is smooth :3
  15. I'm testing again. I dropped it for some time as I had issues (too many mods, probably). The question is: "it's possible to style command bar in 10?". There was a tool for 7, but it breaks explorer if used on ten.
  16. Thanks for share Yes, probably there are several ways to "fix" the atlas for CU. I chose the layout way as I'm not really good in editing png resources. Removing border padding with winaero tweaker > windows border option it's also useful to reuse older atlas/rounder corners - like the one for seven style - but it still show a small border, and I prefer the borderless layout.
  17. I'm testing as I'm on Creator Update. Seems to work nicely, it only miss the back button on UWP apps.
  18. On the page above you'll find the original version. These are the same, but with simple edits to remove border. Crystalight TextGlow (not mine for CU).zip
  19. I could try... but to be honest I'm not really sure what has to be changed in .layout and if the png should be fixed too. AeroGlass, even without windows border, is still nice :3 *EDIT* Ok, it's an experiment. Win8rp for creator update. I simply "disabled" some lines appending a # where it draws frame border. Seems fine, maybe I try with others atlas. Png is still the same of the original version. I upload for convenience. Win8rpCU.zip
  20. Wondering if someone has some atlas updated/fixed for Creator Update. @NoelC , maybe? :3 Actually, some of the Atlas I had for Anniversary Update, still works in CU, but they "paint" the windows border, which is not present anymore in "vanilla" windows and show border even on start, which is quite ugly and pointless.
  21. Yes, it was actually a themed-ghost copy as you pointed out By the way, I lowered the undo value in the app - it was too high - and I'm not experiencing more hangs
  22. Just updated windows to creator update and aero glass still works. It's not perfect yet, but works. Things changed in AeroGlassGUI Disabled both atlas/reflection image for the moment - it reduces glitches. Blur set to 4 (in previous update was 7). Sometimes "blur" effect disappear. Moved to beta for the moment There is some new atlas/modernframe version to test?
  23. Ok, so the problem is different. Nice to hear that Can be aeroglass paused via script? (Just to try without mess with its normal functions)
  24. I suspect one app (paint shop pro X9) crash due aero glass - this app don't have a glass border and it uses it own window controls, but when it starts to hang, I notice is trying to "paint" a glass frame. Wondering if there is a .bat or .vbs to say "don't use aero glass" on specific app or to pause dwm effects when such apps are running. Should be possible, as aero glass uses native windows/dwm functions.
  25. Really nice, tested in vmware It's possible to embed some files in the PE? Some softwares, the network .reg patch for LM compatibility (can use network places between 98 and 7), maybe the mouse applet (tend to be too fast) and the one for users (windows use it for networking purposes), maybe even some drivers but I think these can break things. However, great work

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