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Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.3.1


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-- 1.3 --
!!! This is recommended update which contains many internal optimizations and security fixes !!!
* experimental support for Windows 10 Technical Preview
* hardcoded symbol patterns for DWM versions up to 9600.17415 and 9879.0
* fixed atlas reloading after fast startup
* fixed glass z-ordering for occlusion
* added basic aerohost protection not to load malformed DLL
* delay-loaded many dependencies to improve load time
* glass effect is enabled by default even when running on the battery
* license.key is not loaded anymore - only donation.key is accepted (rename old name if you still have it)
* garbage collector for Direct2D resources
... many others will be slowly added here (when I remember all of them :)) ...


-- 1.3.1 --
* fixed the problem that the key was not accepted under rare circumstances




Use this topic for general discussion about version 1.3.x.

Create separate topics for specific problems which need deeper discussion.

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well I dunno how how strain it gives but when combined with an opaque taskbar, I'd rather disable aero on battery, also what's nice is that all those opaque taskbar mods dont affect the taskbar when aero is active, and when aero disables itself for battery at least the round corners are still nicely rendered...

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I've seen no problems so far with version 1.3.1 on Win 8.1.  Runs smooth and clean for weeks without reboot.  My thanks to you, Big Muscle, as well.


I'm just now building a fresh, new Win 10 setup and let me tell you I feel like a fish out of water without yet having installed Aero Glass on it.  I'll be remedying that very soon.


There are people designing themes at Microsoft who do not understand even the beginnings of what the word "elegant" means.



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well to bring it short:

  • you will get a number of full versions according to how much you donate. (5 slotsfor way less than 10€)
  • your Computer code is detemined by you CPU and HDD ID in other words you can swap all other part any your code will stay the same.
  • if something happens to your Computer, like you sell or modify it, you can disable the Unneded code, so your full Version slot does not get occupied with a no onger needed code, BUT when you disable a code it is on wait for 30 days when it will be erased from the slot. so you should keep a slot free if possible, so you have no problems with switching.
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This is a brilliant bit of software, but I have a suggestion. Would it be possible to add a feature where Aero is disabled when running certain programs (similar to the "disable desktop composition" feature in Windows 7) so that they run well? Many thanks anyway.

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Out of curiosity, what doesn't run well when Aero Glass is active?  I haven't been able to sense a difference in the way things run without or with it.



I get a 5-10fps performance increase with certain 3D games such as Minecraft with aero glass disabled. I think that the blur effect is the cause of this.

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