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  1. did you tried to open startallback while any error opened?
  2. hey @Tihiy just found an bug, when u get an error with any application/program such as 0x0003 or any similiar error like that, startallback stops work and you can't press anything till you close the error window (also start icon dissapear while it happens)
  3. Well, I will not argue further, you contradict yourself a little on your page www.glass8.eu. I'll say you what a colleague of mine said to me. As Bigmuscle said, it is free software, but You are not allowed to publish pre-release/private builds anywhere. If it happens, Your account will be disabled. As Bigmuscle said, it is free software, but if You don't pay, it is Nagware. As Bigmuscle said, it is free software, You can pay, but You can't get support, because it is free software, because You make donation, not buy. I think Bigmuscle is Big Liar. by: colleague
  4. maybe re-write about it or make it clearer
  5. thats what i said its require log in, and yes, like i said before i did, removed all links from there. GL anyway
  6. lol dont be ironic, its still directly from your website 1st: they still need log in to get it 2nd: in download page is not saying we cannot share: ( in fact I still thought I was even helping you to promote your product ) but ok, do what your think its right. (and dont worry i removed even news about aeroglass from there)
  7. bro ure really confusing me with someone else maybe with similiar nickname somewhere? can you screenshot the place where i supposedly published?
  8. o.O lol maybe u confusing me with someone else? what i violated? the max i did its post screenshots of my windows themes with aero effects. its not allowed? everyone posts their themes with aeroglass, so I thought it would be okay to share my customizations but if that's the problem, I can just go there on the forum and delete them
  9. few weeks alrdy trying to get logged in my donate account but getting this error: your account has been blocked. also tried reseted password few times but, keep cant login with same error
  10. nicely

    Beta channel

    hey, i was working on a similiar app to bring back TaskItemButton and jump list. u just did taskitembutton, i was loading more similiar WB (its eat more of processor) any chance you can load jumplist eZ way ? also, congratz on 2.0 nicework.
  11. will be updated to 1.1.9? and what are the chances of the new version coming soon to fix Load right some uifiles on W10 RS1 ? for example shell32 navigationpane and navigationpane control panel Ty. Still great work
  12. can a do donation for full version? example: to every time i update Windows 8.1 i do not need to donation again? or when need to format computer. cuz computer code change everytime it happin.

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