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  1. Thank you Got a bug with the font changing though, it will hang the configuration window until it is forcefully terminated.
  2. Right click taskbar -> Properties -> Notification Area Icons -> Turn system icons on or off (near the bottom) -> Volume -> Off. It might crash explorer a few times, it does for me, but it works fine after you have actually set it. I did have to move the volume icon out of the overflow section and into the tray before disabling it though otherwise the setting wouldn't stick.
  3. With the update to make the network icon take you straight to the network settings I now have no way of easily accessing Quick Settings (I use EarTrumpet so have the stock volume icon disabled). It would be nice had a way to access it such as with the cog button that appears when you use other means to revert to the Windows 10 taskbar (such as ExplorerPatcher).
  4. Apparently someone (who at the time of writing is actually viewing this thread, oops) is distributing a version of Aero Glass on Reddit that (according to them) works on 10240. They do appear to be showing screenshots of it working (with no console window or desktop watermark), but as I am not running Windows 10 at the moment I can not test it. Either way, this is being distributed presumably without the permission of BigMuscle, and no credit is given. Link to the post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/3e83ik/all_we_need_is_some_transparency/.
  5. I get a 5-10fps performance increase with certain 3D games such as Minecraft with aero glass disabled. I think that the blur effect is the cause of this.
  6. This is a brilliant bit of software, but I have a suggestion. Would it be possible to add a feature where Aero is disabled when running certain programs (similar to the "disable desktop composition" feature in Windows 7) so that they run well? Many thanks anyway.

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