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Windows/Microsoft Update Not Working on Windows 2000/XP/2003


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@LithiumKid1976 -


Yes, you have missed a (several) step(s) -

1 - Go here to get MS Link (read that post!) Note: 7-Zip can extract it. Run the file indicated. ;)

2 - Physically -replace- the "xxx.DLL" that's in "Windows\System32" with the one(s) inside the "xxx.CAB(s)"

Step 1 installs v2.56. Install it via Command Line with additional parameter(s) using program "WUA-Downlevel.exe".


There is -no- "install" of the Cabs indicated. They simply "replace" v2.56 with v2.57. You -only- need the MUWEB one if you had opted for Microsoft Update instead of Windows Update.


Please do read the whole thread.

You might also be interested in this thread, which will "build" a "Windows Update Agent" for v2.57 for you.


Again. please note "WU" is Windows Update (Windows-oriented Components only) and "MU" Is Microsoft Update (other than, e.g. MS-Office)



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I am again getting the same message (0x80248015) on my Windows XP laptop. I only have one computer with me right now, can anyone else confirm the same issue?

I solved the issue. I had to forcibly reinstall the Windows Update Agent, which then prompted Windows Update to install Microsoft Update again and now updates are working. The issue came about after upgrading to Windows XP from an unofficially updated Windows 2000 install.

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Sometimes it's working, sometimes it's not... I'm with 5eraph: probably too much traffic. :wacko:


Well, I can offer a shortcut: usually one serches and selects the updates from the front page, then goes to the basket and downloads from there. Now, after selecting the updates and putting them in the basket, instead of going to the basket, click <this link>, and you'll get directly to the download folder selection page, which is the last one. If it gives error, close the window and try again in a new window, until it works. HTH

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Can anyone advise on the steps to this.


is it

1)First install




2)  then install

x86 -> http://update.micros.../muweb_site.cab


cause i've tried it, but it aint working for me.... :(


Have i missed a step???

lithiumkid, if you are having a problem with the "microsoft update" website, which is what this thread is discussing, you can work around the problem by replacing the "muweb.dll" file, as described in this post:




you simply download the cab file, then use the "7zip" program, or the "peazip" program, to extract the files from the cab file.. then copy the "muweb.dll" file that you extracted from the cab file to your "system32" folder.. that is all there is to it..


the "muweb.dll" file that you extracted from the cab file should be version 7.6.7600.256


so, what you do is your "step 1"..


here is a link for downloading the "muweb.dll" file, version 7.6.7600.256.. it will save you from having to extract the files from the cab file:




you should backup a copy of the original "muweb.dll" file before replacing it, in case you want to restore the original version..


the second link for downloading a cab file, which you referenced in your "step 2", is for restoring the original "muweb.dll" file.. i failed to backup a copy of the original "muweb.dll" file, so the person was giving me the link for a cab file that has the original "muweb.dll" file, so i could restore it, if i wanted to.. the original "muweb.dll" file is version 7.6.7600.257


your "step 2" would UNDO "step 1", so don't do your "step 2" unless you are wanting to restore the original "muweb.dll" file, in place of the one that you installed in your "step 1"..

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Posted in another thread, but bears repeating:

The current 0x80248015 problem with the Microsoft Update website is easily remedied by changing the system date to 2014-11-16 when accessing the site. Change it back when finished.

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