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  1. nomen, the real issue is the motherboard that your computer has.. if you have an old computer that uses an AGP slot for the video card, then your choices are very limited.. it is hard to find video cards for AGP slots.. if your computer uses a PCIe slot of the video card, then you have many choices.. as far as i know, all of nvidia's video cards are compatible with windows xp EXCEPT for their very newest video cards, which are the new 9.x line.. with AMD, you will just have to do research to see which of their video cards have drivers that are compatible with windows xp..
  2. a video card that cost $45.00 is going to be a low performance video card, relative to other more expensive video cards.. a low performance video card is not all bad.. i use a low performance video card and i have no problem with watching videos with it, or with playing flash-based games online with it.. however, it can't be used to play intense video games with.. if you want a high performance video card for playing intense video games with, i think you would have to spend at least $180.00 for that.. at least that is what i would consider to be a true high performance video card..
  3. the MSFN.org website needs help with the costs of hosting the website: http://www.msfn.org/board/forum-1/announcement-27-msfn-needs-your-donations/ i just wanted to mention it, in case some people never look at the "announcements".. i know the MSFN.org website has been around for a long time.. i am sure that i have been here in the past, but it had not been a forum that i frequented, until now.. i had some issues with "windows", back in november (2014), which led me to this forum, where i found the solution for the problem.. since then, i have been helped with other windows-problems, as well.. there are lots of very knowlegable people here, and it is a friendly forum, and i also like that it is "international", with people from all over the world coming here.. let's keep the MSFN.org forum alive by helping with the costs of hosting the forum.. let's not leave the burden to the owner of the forum, alone..
  4. i reformatted my harddrive around march 3rd/4th and ran into the problem with the "microsoft update" website, again, when i tried to install the windows-updates.. several other people also noticed the problem with the "microsoft update" website when they tried to install windows-updates this past (march) windows update-tuesday.. replacing the "muweb.dll" file, version 7.6.7600.257, with version 7.6.7600.256, resolved the problem..
  5. lithiumkid, if you are having a problem with the "microsoft update" website, which is what this thread is discussing, you can work around the problem by replacing the "muweb.dll" file, as described in this post: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/173049-windowsmicrosoft-update-not-working-on-windows-2000xp2003/?p=1089383 you simply download the cab file, then use the "7zip" program, or the "peazip" program, to extract the files from the cab file.. then copy the "muweb.dll" file that you extracted from the cab file to your "system32" folder.. that is all there is to it.. the "muweb.dll" file that you extracted from the cab file should be version 7.6.7600.256 so, what you do is your "step 1".. here is a link for downloading the "muweb.dll" file, version 7.6.7600.256.. it will save you from having to extract the files from the cab file: https://app.box.com/s/i99osj56iqy2dkmlieb91rb1mpljm62w you should backup a copy of the original "muweb.dll" file before replacing it, in case you want to restore the original version.. the second link for downloading a cab file, which you referenced in your "step 2", is for restoring the original "muweb.dll" file.. i failed to backup a copy of the original "muweb.dll" file, so the person was giving me the link for a cab file that has the original "muweb.dll" file, so i could restore it, if i wanted to.. the original "muweb.dll" file is version 7.6.7600.257 your "step 2" would UNDO "step 1", so don't do your "step 2" unless you are wanting to restore the original "muweb.dll" file, in place of the one that you installed in your "step 1"..
  6. you can't install "windows xp" from a USB flash drive..
  7. jaclaz, it is a long story.. the person who told me about the 8 slots was kevin mcaleavey, the author of the "BOClean" antimalware program.. he also was responsible for a lot of the development of the comodo firewall, if not all of it.. HIPS stands for "host intrusion prevention system".. a HIPS program will flag files based on their behavior rather than using malware-definitions to flag a file.. however, there can be differences between programs that fall under the umbrella of being called HIPS programs.. one HIPS program that i am using now is the "system safety monitor" program which pretty much just controls which files can execute on my computer.. right now, i am running the "avira" av-program, "regdefend", which monitors and controls regkeys that are added to my computer's registry, "system safety monitor", which is a HIPS program that controls the execution of files on my computer, and "sandboxie", which i only recently started using.. having all of those programs running in realtime is pushing the limits, where i figure 5 such programs..maybe 4..is the limit.. i wouldn't dare add another security-program to the list of programs that i am already running in realtime, which is a total of 4 security-programs (avira, regdefend, "system safety monitor", sandboxie).. so, what other program am i interested in adding to the list? well, maybe the malwarebytes "anti-exploit" program.. adding an antimalware-program, like the "trojanhunter" program, as an example, might be something else to consider, except that i am not really wanting to spend the money for that, and i am not really concerned with having another antimalware-program running in realtime, but i have done that in the past.. as i mentioned, before, the issue with the 8 slots actually came up because i had, not one, but two such antimalware-programs, running in realtime, along with my av-program.. which two? i am not sure.. i will guess that i was running both the "trojanhunter" program and the "BOClean" program.. and again, the only problem was that, windows, with its 8 slots, couldn't handle all of the security-programs that i had running at the time.. the programs appeared to be running normally, but one or the other of the programs wouldn't flag malware the way that it was suppose to, due to the fact that windows had booted the program out of its "slot".. incidentally, there was another time that i ran into trouble with another antimalware program, the "prevx" antimalware-program, but i don't think that it was the same problem, where the program had been booted out of its slot.. i am not sure what the problem was, there, but apparently, one way or another, it conflicted with my avira av-program, where it wouldn't flag malware the way that it was suppose to.. otherwise, the prevx program seemed to be running normally.. i mentioned that i read an article that led me to believe that i could tweak a setting which would add more slots to windows.. that is another long story, but i will try to be brief.. i was trying to install software for a printer on my computer but i was having problems with that, and i was in a hurry to get the issue resolved, so i was searching around the internet for solutions for various problems which i was only imagining existed.. eventually i figured out what the actual problems were, which were some tweaks that i had made, such as my having disabled the "print spooler service", for example.. (i don't normally have a printer set up, with its software installed on my computer).. i was getting some wierd error-message when i was trying to install the software for the printer.. it was saying something like "cannot find autorun.exe", or "cannot find autorun.ini" (or "autorun.inf" ), which seemed strange.. it was like the installer-program thought that the software was being installed from a CD when it wasn't.. at least that was my thinking.. incidentally, the file that the installer-program was saying that it couldn't find was there, in the folder, along with the rest of the files that were being used to install the software.. it was an HP scanner/printer and i was using an installer-file that i had downloaded from HP.. eventually i got it installed.. i had to undo several tweaks that i had made before the software finally would install.. (and, after i finished using the printer, i "reformatted", to get rid of it)..
  8. i use "ccleaner" to remove junk files, except that i manually delete the uninstallers for the windows updates rather than letting ccleaner remove them.. i will manually delete temp-files, too, if there are a lot of them, using "select all"->"delete"..just less for ccleaner to have to handle.. regarding the dllcache, i assume that it is needed.. i have been removing junk files for a long time..
  9. redwolfe_98

    8 Slots

    the issue is that windows xp has 8 "slots".. what this means is that there is a limited number of security-programs that can be used, together, in realtime, with windows xp.. i learned about this when i had too many security-programs installed and then found that one of them was not working properly.. someone explained to me that windows xp only has 8 "slots" and that, if a program needs one of those slots, and the slots are already filled by other programs, windows will boot one of the programs out of one of the "slots" in order to make room for another one, which was why one of the antimalware-programs that i was using was not functioning properly, because it had been booted out of its slot.. at the time, i had an av-program- a firewall- and two antimalware programs installed, and i must have had a couple of other HIPS-type programs installed, as well.. what pushed things too far was having two antimalware-programs installed (in addition to my av-program) as opposed to only having one installed.. a couple of weeks ago, i happened across an article that gave me the impression that a setting could be tweaked to where, then, windows could have up to 14 of these slots as opposed to being limited to only having 8 of them, and that is what i want help with.. i didn't bookmark the article and i am not sure where i saw it, but i think it was at somewhere like "experts exchange" or some other similar website.. the way things are, i try to keep the number of security-programs that i use to a minimum, since i know that windows will only allow for using a limited number of them, but, if i can tweak things, to where i would have more "slots", to allow for using more security-programs, i would like to do that.. does anyone here know about these 8 "slots" and maybe tweaking a setting to where i then would have up to 14 slots instead of only having the 8 that windows xp has by default? incidentally, i have been told that newer versions of windows have 16 of these slots, but that 8 of them are tied up by "windows" itself..
  10. the last time that i used the "microsoft update" website, which was this past february-"update tuesday", i was able to download updates for "windows xp".. one of the february-update-tuesday-updates was a 3013455 update which causes problems with fonts, which is annoying.. one way to fix the font problem is to uninstall the 3013455 update.. the 3013455 update addresses three vulnerabilites, and, really, none of them are serious, if i am not mistaken.. two of the three vulnerabilities require that the attacker log in locally, at least that is my understanding.. outside of a corporate environment, there isn't much risk, there.. the other vulnerability, which has to to with "true type fonts", all that it does, if it is exploited, is cause the computer to freeze.. in other words, it doesn't involve installing any malware on the computer, so it isn't much of a risk, other than having the computer freeze.. additionally, there is a workaround for the vulnerability that relates to "true type fonts", which is to use "ACL" to block access to the "t2embed.dll" file, so that is an option.. personally, i have blocked access to the "t2embed.dll" file for a long time.. this is not the first time that an issue with "true type fonts" has come up.. blocking access to the "t2embed.dll" file doesn't cause problems for me, but it might cause problems for others.. i use an old CRT monitor and i don't use "true type fonts".. if your mom has an LCD monitor and uses "true type fonts", then blocking access to the "t2embed.dll" file might be a problem for her.. to use "ACL" to block access to the "t2embed.dll" file, use "command prompt" with the command: "echo y| cacls t2embed.dll /E /P everyone:N" (minus quotations) to unblock the "t2embed.dll" file, use "command prompt" with the command: "cacls t2embed.dll /E /R everyone" (minus quotations) using "ACL" to block access to a file, or to unblock a file, does not require rebooting the computer.. with the next batch of windows updates, on march-update-tuesday, the issue with the 3013455 update and the font problems that it causes probably will be addressed, once and for all.. that is what people are saying, that a fix for the font problem, caused by the 3013455 update, will be included with the march-update-tuesday updates.. microsoft has already released a fix for the font problem, for more recent versions of windows, but, since windows xp is not officially supported, they didn't release a fix for it.. additionally, one of the forum-members, "harkaz", has provided a tweaked version of the 3013455 update, which includes a tweaked version of the win32k.sys file, to replace the problematic 3013455 update which causes font problems.. so, installing harkaz's tweaked version of the 3013455 update is an option.. however, you would have to do that at your own risk.. it involves installing a tweaked version of a "windows" file.. additionally, a "certificate" has to be installed in order for "windows" to allow the tweaked windows file to be installed and to run.. you could go either way, either simply uninstall the 3013455 update or install the tweaked version of the 3013455 update.. here is a post with some information about the tweaked version of the 3013455 update: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/171814-posready-2009-updates-ported-to-windows-xp-sp3-enu/?p=1094951 to install the tweaked version of the 3013455 update, unzip the file, then, in the folder named "update", first run the "update.reg" file, which installs a certificate.. then run the "update.exe" file, which installs the tweaked version of the "win32k.sys" file.. i am not suggesting that you should install the tweaked version of the 3013455 update, i am only informing you that installing it is an option.. i finally dicided to install the tweaked 3013455 update on my computer... i could have simply left the 3013455 update uninstalled, instead...
  11. harkaz, i appreciate the work that you have done.. i installed your "FIX" for the MS15-010/3013455 update, which, incidentally, took a leap of faith, since it is a modified "windows" file and it also requires installing a "certificate" for it.. with all of the talk about komodia's installing certificates etc, and with "privdog", and everything else associated with that, when you talk about installing a certificate (not to mention installing a modified windows file), it is concerning: http://arstechnica.com/security/2015/02/lenovo-pcs-ship-with-man-in-the-middle-adware-that-breaks-https-connections/ http://www.pcworld.com/article/2887632/secure-advertising-tool-privdog-compromises-https-security.html i would like to know how to remove your certificate that i installed, in case i ever want to.. does it have a name? to remove the certificate, would you simply delete the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\Root\Certificates\F2C90A445A5E0F0F79AEDEB694D50B9656B24A71" regkey, or would deleting that regkey cause problems with other certificates? i just wanted to mention something.. looking at the screenshot that you posted, you say that "the order of command execution is reversed", but there seems to be more to it.. in your screenshot, in the code in the window on the left, it has a "@sc1_InitializeTwilightcontours@12" while the code in the window on the right doesn't, at least that is the way that it looks to me.. maybe you already noticed that, or maybe i am confused and that actually was the point that you were making.. regarding the MS15-010/3013455 update, from what you have posted, it seems that the "win32k.sys" file that was installed by the 3013455 update was flawed, and that the 3037639 update, which was meant to fix the font problem, simply tweaks windows in order to allow it to use the flawed win32k.sys file, but without the font-problems.. tweaking windows to where it can use a flawed win32k.sys file (but without the font problems) doesn't sound good to me.. from reading some of the other posts here, it seems that some people opted to tweak the win32k.sys file themselves.. i suppose that they also had to use their own certificates in order for windows to allow the modified win32k.sys file to be installed and to run.. for the record, i don't know anything about "coding" software.. i am not an "expert".. i am just a regular home-computer-user..
  12. here is another way of doing it.. create a reg-file with the data, below, and "merge" it into your registry: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\WPA\PosReady]"Installed"=dword:00000001reference: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Update-Windows-XP-after-End-of-Support-443631.shtml using the reg-file, as described above, has worked for me.. p.s. when creating a reg-file, i always leave a blank line at the end of the code.. when using "regedit" to export a regkey, it always leaves a blank line at the end of the code, so that is the way that i do it too..
  13. thank you, b3270791.. i downloaded the file and installed it..
  14. i need some help, guys.. it might save me from having to do another clean install.. i forgot to backup a copy of the original "muweb.dll" file, build 7.6.7600.257.. can someone upload a copy of it and provide me with a link for downloading it? maybe send me the link in a pm.. a lot of forums don't like people posting links for downloading files, so send it to me in a pm.. otherwise, i don't know how to restore the original muweb.dll file, not without doing a clean install of windows..
  15. refer to this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/173049-windowsmicrosoft-update-not-working-on-windows-2000xp2003/#entry1089383

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