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MS-DOS and Word for Win early versions sources made available


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They made a mistake with the release date of T2... it came out in 1991, not 1992. That was a day I fondly remember from my childhood. Saw it with my neighbor at Sehome 3 Cinemas.



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DOS 1.1? DOS 2.0?

Wouldn't you have to do massive mods to it? AFAICR, it has some hard-coded HDD for the "ancient" disk access, correct? (I had an IBM 5150 at one time.) Also, limited the FDD size.

Guessing that at least the code could be used to get an idea of how MS envisioned the OS.

Edit - Ehhh, downloaded and "looked" at it. :(

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A friend of mine has looked at the DOS source with his friend and most of it is pretty direct ripoff of CP/M LOL. Labels, structure, and a whole lot of stuff match.

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One could say MS-DOS 1.00 was white-box reverse-eng'ed from CP/M-86.

I'm not saying it, because it's not easy to be positive about it at all, for one that wasn't at all involved in the development process.

Anyway, there's no way of denying compatibility to CP/M was one of the main development directives.

Then again, other parts, like the FAT filesystem, are clearly superior to their CP/M counterparts.

It never aimed to be a CP/M clone.

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So... I guess this means that MS-DOS is now open source!

Releasing the source code for something just doesn't seem like Microsoft, but I guess it's got no practical value other than educational purposes. Interesting, to say the least!

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C:\Users\CamTron\Downloads\Word 1.1a CHM Distribution>findstr /n /i /s "fuck" *

Opus\asm\wordgrep.asm:1171:; BP is used as always, the other registers are free to fuck with.
Opus\asm\wordgrep.asm:1201: je another_fucking_out_of_range_jump

Yep! Of course, Microsoft does it too!

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