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  1. Hello & thanks for the awesome program. MS really meesed up the Windows EXP when the start menu was changed without the option to enable the old one. Now... There is a problem I am seeing with the icons of Store / Modern apps. When the visual style is set to Windows 10 all is well. SIB displays the wrong icon for all Store / Modern apps when the visual style is set to Plain8 + Win10 button or Plain 10 + Win10 taskbar/button. The icon shown is for my image viewer (InfranView). It may be different for someone else if they have the same issue. I am guessing that SIB is viewing shortcuts to modern apps as icon (*.ico) files and picking up on the Infranview file association to show the wrong icon in those 2 styles. Any ideas?
  2. Hello, Thanks for the AWESOMAZING SiB+. I am using version 2.5.2 on Windows 10. I have noticed that SiB+ misses some items in search results that it previously detected when using the search programs feature. Example... I have a folder in my start menu that starts with TN. This is no longer showing up in the search results where it use to. Another program name Agentry was failing to show in the search results even though the link was in All Programs. It's random at best and I really have no way of a 100% reproduction. Where do you suggest I start looking to troubleshoot? Thanks
  3. Please advise... the attached pic shows the error I get. This just started happening today. All pinned links produce that error excluding "Edit group Policy". that just opens the control panel ... not the policy editor.

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