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Capped (clipped, whatever) sound with Audigy sound card

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(from another of your topics - CPU Upgrade)

This is my main system. This system meets all my current and, as far as I can see, future needs. I have absolutely no desire or need to upgrade my system now or, as far as I can see, ever. I know exactly what I'm doing and have put extreme thought into future-proofing my system.

[snark]You really are full of yourself, aren't you?[/snark]

An unnecessary and inaccurate post above. :yes: 113 posts as-of-now, 50%+ of which are wasted space. :whistle:

As for the photo... :thumbup

Carry on and please report back...

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(sigh... simple correlation)

Post #181 - the photo


Post #182 - the referenced link with highlighted


Post #182 - my snark

Jeez, just finish the project and report back already! Disassembling/Cleaning/Reassembling THIS LONG???

(This is NOT a BLOG or Twitter!!! Although yours is fine...)

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:blushing: My humble apologies, Sir Phaenius. Similarities do, however, exist.

Carry on and "Make it so". ;)

(edit - this topic was beat to death so you must have missed my erroneous reference previously in this topic - it's there. too busy arguing, I guess... leave it be and please report back...)

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I don't deserve this.

Yep, you may be correct :thumbup , but life is tough :( and rarely "fair" :ph34r:

For NO apparent reason :w00t::



Really, there is no real reason to get angry, some misunderstandings/misreferencing can happen to everyone :angel .


Come on, Phaenius hasn't signed a contract to clean his PC within a deadline, and it's his PC, and he actually having an issue.

I do understand how bearing the suspence is tough, but ....come on :)


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I did clean the contacts of the board, blow the dust away. I have to do some tests now. In my clumsiness, I left the power supply connector out and put the pc back in place. Not an easy task to do the job again now, I electrocuted twice today (with the tv cable - don't know why, but there is high voltage running through that **** cable), I tangled the wires badly and nearly fell off as an effect of tripping, dust everywhere, that G-22 thingy is smelling like s***, I could die in the room by intoxication - could have put some rose smell or something in it, i lost 2 pounds and 2 liters of sweat doing the job and I swore I will NEVER do it again unless I move to a bigger and more spacious place. But it looks like I have to do it soon, since I don't have the front panel working, because of the missing power cable, I have the speakers connected at the back.

I replaced the ribbon with a twisted 80-pin, shielded cable and I grounded to the case. It's long, but the shield and twisted wires, plus grounding, I am sure do a better job than a shorter, unshielded ribbon. I checked the capacitors. They are so small, couldn't see anything obvious, like electrolyte, top cap open or anything, they look ok visually. Contacts were surprisingly clean and neat. No signs of oxidation or corrosion, not even scratches from the other connectors being plugged in.

So, soon there will other electrocutions, tripping into the wires, blood pressure lifting from lifting the computer, fingers smashed, liters of sweat pouring and lots of curses from me. At least I won't be having dust, since I cleaned it today.

Edit: And oh, the built-in sound card from the motherboard is kaput now. Don't know what happened. It worked when I opened the computer. It doesn't now. It says it's not connected. Connected to what ?

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"TV Cable" into/out-of the AV Receiver (post#74)? You have a TV hooked up to it also? (This is a new item not included in the Sound problem). High Voltage (AFAIK) shouldn't occur except inside a TV at the Tube (Tube Video, not LCD etc) and THAT can make you D-E-A-D unless you know how to discharge it. Cable here only has a mild LOW voltage. If you have HIGH voltage, you have ANOTHER problem outside of your expertise (Cable Company's problem) which COULD cause SERIOUS problems. I had to repeatedly call my ISP about "drops" until they sent a tech and found all SORTS of bad stuff outside on the pole!

And... Holy CROW!!! Please tell me you disconnected power from ALL components in your System (PC, Receiver, Speakers, etc) BEFORE you began!!!

Built-In "Not Connected"? Where? In Device Mangler??? When you try to use it? Did you check to see if it got "reset/disabled" somehow in the BIOS?

"Ribbon with a twisted 80-pin, shielded cable" refers to the "Mandatory Ribbon Adapter"? Front panel needs Power? Maybe that's a misunderstanding because you MUST be referring to the Power to the CARD.

Dude, you have some serious weird problems! And you must LITERALLY be living in a Cracker Box... :(

Take a DEEEEP BREATH and be SURE you follow procedure CAREFULLY, missing NOTHING!

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Don't sigh. You know only too well cable companies' cables have 220 V ac travelling inside the cable (75 ohm).


You don't quit, do you ?

I disconnected everything, but there is 220 V ac power on the tv cable. There is nothing to prevent it, that's the situation in Romania. They do have that voltage, don't know why. Cable is inserted into a tv STB decoder and that is connected via HDMI to TV and monitor. But the 75 ohm cable is connected to STB. When I take computer out of it's place (again, tight space), I must disconnect and remove a lot of other equipment, to have access, including the STB. When I take out the STB, I have to plug out the cable from it. And that cable has 220 V ac running through it. I don't know why, but that's the case. I do have LCD on both monitor and tv, but I can't do nothing about the cable. That's within cable company. They do supply HDTV through that cable, but still, it has than stupid voltage. I must be very careful when pulling out the cable, not to touch the metallic part of the plug, but sometimes, in the line of fire, it happens. I know they shouldn't supply that voltage, but they do, it happens here in Romania.

That high voltage inside of CRT tv's is to lighten the screen, it's about 27 KV at a standard 61 cm wide color screen and varies according to screen size, but it has very low current, it has nothing to do with this voltage through cable.

I have 5 ways of outputting sound from my computer:

- Creative analogue

- Creative digital (via SPDIF)

- Realtek analogue

- Realtek digital (via SPDIF)

- AMD HDMI (connected via video card)

AMD is disconnected, I have other ways to output and it can only go along with video, it's a bit more complicated. Both Creative outputs are active, but only the digital Realtek output is available. But, although present inside chip and recognized by driver, motherboard doesn't have a SPDIF plug on it (they went cheap) and I can't connect on that plug. So, it leaves me the analogue at Realtek. But it says "Not plugged in", driver is recognized, it says it's working perfectly, but it doesn't detect anything on it. It worked fine before, now it doesn't, don't know why. I tried to plug the case front panel (not the Creative front panel) to the Realtek card, but it turned out Realtek has Azalia specs and case has AC '97 specs, so I abandoned the idea. But I didn't plugged anything, just a visual inspection.

Of course it's enabled in BIOS, do you think I am an id*** ? It was enabled before, it is now. It's working, but it reports nothing plugged in. It should work normally. Only AC '97 must have a short between pins 5 & 6 and 9 & 10 to work, Azalia doesn't.

The 80 pin cable provides link from Creative sound card to Creative front panel. It is a normal 80 pin cable (IDE), with a few non standard keys (missing holes) to ensure the original is used. I found a cable without any keys, twisted cables, shielded and grounded, very good. Yes, front panel needs 5 V to operate. The voltage must be supplied via a Floppy Disk plug. Creative sound card (not the front panel) has an external 5 V socket on it as well, but it's not required. You can plug if you want, but normally it drags enough current from the PCI BUS.


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You know only too well cable companies' cables have 220 V ac travelling inside the cable (75 ohm).


Well, I, for one, don't, and I really doubt it. It'd make no sense to actually power a TV cable with 220 V AC at all, IMO.


... unless you're a BPL (Broadband over Power Lines) user, of course, but that's not a cable TV cable, anyway.

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I've been a subscriber of the first two major companies from Romania, RDS and UPC. They both supply high voltage through the cable, don't know why.

Later: I did some search through Romanian forums and it seems that voltage on the cable might be from the neighbours' tv's. But the fact remains, there is high voltage on the cable. I think in any case, cable companies should assure their network and their cables are well isolated from any power drain.

So, I might have been mistaken in stating cable companies do supply the voltage, but they are not in the clear, since it seems they don't properly shield their cables and equipment. Normally, I believe they should insert protections through the line.

Another edit: I found this. Will it work ? It says it cuts low frequencies voltages.


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