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Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions


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55 minutes ago, Goodmaneuver said:
13 hours ago, schwups said:

Does it make sense to split the ini so that we have one ini for every dll?

If you are referring to my Core_6.ini where you see one definition module in each Kstub. This was done to stretch out the number of plugins. I had 20 DLLs having redirected function calls.

I am not referring specifically to your ini. I have tested little last week. The question is general how can we use a large number?


1 hour ago, Goodmaneuver said:
13 hours ago, schwups said:

Test: Splitted my ini in three parts (A-I, J-N, O-Z)

If this means that you have made up 3 Kstub,inis then you also need three matching Kstub824.dlls renamed to suit the ini names. Your contents= does not show this though.

Yes, I have stubs.dll, Kextubs.dll and Kstub824.dll in my KernelEx folder. Stubs.dll and Kextubs.dll are renamed Kstub824 dll's to match the correct name.

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