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Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions


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I have looked into it several years ago and it is when SHLWAPI goes to load URLMON then there is a problem. There is little to no benefit from running IE7 over IE6. JSCRIPT can be updated as shown in the IE6 upload. MSXML3 also can be updated to recent version which is not shown in the upload. IE6 modules are an integral part of the OS and if a second version is to be run along side then it could cause severe problems. IE7 would need to be safe mode compatible. I was foolish to mention 2454 GDI32 as it would not run along side ME's version even though it loads. The 2454 UXTHEME has only one function missing in ME's GDI32 anyway and it is accounted for by KEX. I am running IE7 executable as shown in the upload but it does not make any difference. Trust BWC's Windows2000-KB935839-v30e-ex86-extendedkernel 2019 updates for IE6 as I have done. In the proposed CORE.ini I sent in, the Verify Version setting needs the other two 2K missing APIs namely GDI32.GetCharABCWidthsI=kexbasen.0 and probably NTDLL.LdrUnloadDll=kexbases.0. When registering a module with missing GetCharABCWidthsI it knocked out KernelEx completely so that is why if Verify Version is to be used more wide spread the two BASE.names mentioned should be included. Once adding GetCharABCWidthsI the module registered no problems.

I have changed CORE_8.zip to have the updated BASE.names as mentioned above.

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I did not practice what I preached when making the proposed CORE.ini. Windows XP SP2 needs to be WINXP mode. Must be done and I will again upload a better CORE_8.zip. It is similar to latest CORE.ini but does not change original mode naming.

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On 9/27/2022 at 12:57 PM, Goodmaneuver said:

There seems a module total number of active - in RAM API functions limit that can be used in KernelEx and or the OS.

There is no trouble with the large total number of active - in RAM API functions when using new Kstub825 as I have tried it without making a mistake. Thank you.

On 11/8/2022 at 10:34 PM, jumper said:

Multiple definitions are allowed and can be accessed individually in Core.ini by different profiles.

I am not sure as to what you mean? By making ExKernel available for programs that only work as seen below with MIN setting cover all of your statement?

desc=Minimal load help (subsystem + KnownDlls)


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Kstub825 is good for one INI but when strung together with many INIs the amount of kB that can be placed in each INI has to be reduced. Roughly 8k each for 7 linked INIs. To make more redirects possible I have used Kstub824 up to the last one which is Kstub825 so that I can use the ordinal redirection in the last one. Kstub823 was better in certain respects as well as at the time it allowed redirecting back to MSVCRT as I explained before. The new features are much preferred though. Perhaps a Word sort lstrcmpiW would be better than a Bubble sort because of the special characters like under scores _ .

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Kstubs825 does not behave properly as it confuses User32 with Uxtheme as see in the Kstub07.zip. Evidence in upload zip and Ktree11 picture. As can be see in picture that there is no reference to Uxtheme for UnregisterTouchWindow and Kstub824 in the log zip redirects all 3 Touch Window functions from their rightful caller :- User32.



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Good use of Ktree.11 and the log file. But remember: Kexstubs is a tool, not a solution. Without seeing the full definitions file, I suspect you're pushing Kexstubs too hard, resulting in a buffer overrun. Likely cause: unsorted definitions greatly reducing how many can be correctly handled.

Thanks for the report and clear documentation. I will look into this further.


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