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WinNTSetup v5.3.5.2


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Thanks to cy06 for updating Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) language.

Also there a new beta available, that should mount all active primary and EFI system partitions.


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Brotosaurus, welcome to MSFN forums. :hello:

Please do read this and follow some basic rules and etiquette:

In particular:

1) Always be as detailed as possible. In your case you have very unusual and customized setup and you haven't given any details.

System shows you an "error message", what is it, what does it say?

2) Do not double post. Be patient and allow plenty of time to get responses.

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Include WinNTSetup error message "Error WindowsPE as Source and Windows Source invalid"

WinNTSetup is not designed to install a WinPE, so you'll get this error if you try to install 1 of the 2 boot.wim indexes.

You really need to have an install.wim file or is your boot.wim bigger than 2GB ?

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Please picture now attached show my instalation setup. Please look at.

I do not use WinPE.

I only need WinNTSetup install W8Pro from DVD/ USB pen drive

boot.win 162.059 Kb

install.esd 1.586.791 Kb

If install.wim do not exit I choose the only wim file inside directory and receive an error message.


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install.esd 1.586.791 Kb

Okay here we have the problem, you have an encrypted wim file.

Sorry, but there is no way to use and ESD image with WinNTSetup.

You need a normal Windows 8 Medium, one that have an install.wim file.

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Update Version

- auto mounting of all active primary and efi system partitions

- removed UXTheme patch for Windows 8 installations

Edited by JFX
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The SkyDrive download link on post #1 for version 2.3.6 does not work for me.

The Item does not exist anymore is the message that I get.

Can you update the link ?

Thanks :)

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Hi, long time I use utility

and I have a question

1) may be activated to add Windoss 7/8

Activation in the folder 'OEM'.

2) Is it possible to add the installation package from the folder - 'upgrade'

Thanks in advance!

I'm sorry I do not speak English!

Edited by god5
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I'm such a noob here..

Before, I successfully made bootable pendrive with Windows 7 and Xp altogether using WinSetupFromUSB.

Now I'm going to bake Windows 8 and Xp. Got confused with UI. All I got is Windows 8 ISO and Xp ISO.

Is there any noob guide?

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