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WinNTSetup v5.3.5.2


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I hope i have now fixed all relative paths. WinNTSetup_v5021 will run a ScanFiles.cmd if exists.

You could use something like the following to recreate WinNTSetup_mru.txt before it will be loaded:

@echo off
title Scan for files ...
pushd %~dp0

>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo [Source_NT6]
for /f %%c in ('dir /b Sources\*.wim Sources\*.swm Sources\*.esd Sources\*.iso') do (
 >>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo Sources\%%c

>>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo [Drivers_NT6]
for /f %%c in ('dir /b /ad Drivers') do (
 >>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo Drivers\%%c

>>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo [RegTweaks_NT6]
for /f %%c in ('dir /b /ad Tweaks') do (
 >>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo Tweaks\%%c


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5 hours ago, Asifmute said:

Windows XP setup has problem of blue screen. I have configure BIOS SATA to IDE option, but problem still occur.

I used WinNTSetup_v425_WinXP_Supported for XP installition. Any solution.  

For very old computers i use v4.2.1

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@alacran Thanks for reporting.

About ESD and WinPE problems I need more information. He can post on reboot I'll watch this topic.


WinNTSetup 5.0.3

- run ScanFiles.cmd if exist
- Mica titlebar is default again on Win11 Dark Mode
- fixed right-click on unattend label not open editor
- fixed iso source mru selection problems
- fixed wimboot:wimcopy exitcode not set

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  • JFX changed the title to WinNTSetup v5.0.3

@bphlpt, yeah took me over a hour to successfully upload 1.4 MB :ph34r:


I'll update Tools\Win10Builds.ini with following content in next version, unless someone has an improvement:

;Threshold 1
10240= v1507
;Threshold 2
10586= v1511
;ReadStone 1
14393= v1607
;ReadStone 2
15063= v1703
;ReadStone 3
16299= v1709
;ReadStone 4
17134= v1803
;ReadStone 5
17763= v1809
18362= v19H1
18363= v19H2
;Vibranium - 19041 - 19044 only works it capture with wimlib or WinNTSetup
19041= v20H1
19042= v20H2
19043= v21H1
19044= v21H2
;Server / Enterprise 2022
20348= v21H2
;Win11 - Sun Valley
22000= v21H2
22400= Dev

;Don't add if name already contains ...
10240= 1507
10586= 1511
14393= 1607
15063= 1703
16299= 1709
17134= 1803
17763= 1809
18362= 1903|19H1
18363= 1909|19H2
19041= 20H1|2004
19042= 20H2|2009
19043= 21H1|2104
19044= 21H2|2109
20348= 21H2|2109
22000= 21H2|2109
22400= 2209|22H2


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  • 2 weeks later...

@JFX Thank you very much for keep to development this very useful tool. I still and always use WinNTSetup instead of the Windows Setup (in Boot.wim).
I have four request/advice.

ONE: External Changelog.txt / History.txt file. I know, you always add changelogs to the comments section of RAR packages anyway.

TWO: Displays all command lines. I've just realized. You have already shown all command-line switchs by pressing the F1 key. You could add the following classic help switch that directly shows this window (or only special a window,   @abbodi1406's VisualCppRedist_AIO_x86_x64.exe /? like. ) 
Maybe there are those who don't know the F1 key like me but try these commands.

WinNTSetup_x64.exe --help
WinNTSetup_x64.exe /?

THREE: I have a Z letter drive. WinNTSetup creates Y: virtual letter for VHD file. Okay. But If I selected in the Partition style as "GPT - UEFI", I can only extract Install.wim/ISO to Y. But the EFI amblem green light does not come on this time. I haven't tried whether it works or not (EFI Boot & Windows together on Y:). I have a suggestion. Can you add a custom drive letters for the GUI and command-line of VHD feature? In both directions: Custom mount/map drive letters for GPT/EFI Boot drive and Installation drive.

And a bug? Can't work the command-line, in the documented like: 

WinNTSetup_x64.exe vhd-create /File:"H:\Win20348.288.vhd" /Size:25GB /Type:expandable

But it works with the - switch.

WinNTSetup_x64.exe vhd-create -File:"H:\Win20348.288.vhd" -Size:25GB -Type:expandable

FOUR: New version check and update feature. I know this is difficult because of WinNTSetup is hosted on Mediafire and Mega.nz. New version check and self updater would be very easy if it was on Github, like yt-dlp.exe -U.

I hope my these advices was not useless. Even if none of these recommendations come true, rest assured, my admiration and passion for WinNTSetup will never cease. You have made a very good tool. I will gladly continue to use it. Thank you very much, JFX.

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Correction and notice "F1" on ONE.
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One and Two will be added to next version.

For Three, don't know if there is a need for drive letter on the VHD internal boot partition.
WinNTSetup always create boot files on this partition.

This is to make sure the VHD is boot able if you attach it to a virtual machine.
If you don't want to physical boot this VHD on real hardware,
just select any partition as boot drive and set BCD to NONE.

As for the command line that will be fixed.

FOUR: I'll think about it, but after 5.1 release I have no new features in mind.

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@JFX Thank your for your reply and info, and also thanks in advance for next fixes and features.

After I selected the Partition style as "GPT - UEFI" for VHD creating, as you know, it is not able to assign a drive letter (the virtual "ESP" partition).

I was manually assigning a letter to the VHD's ESP on diskmgmt.msc. I spent two hours with powershell commands to find an easier method. I now able to assign a drive letter (as in the example: U) to the invisible ESP of the VHD by the following command.


powershell -c "Get-Disk | Where-Object -FilterScript {$_.FriendlyName -Eq 'Msft Virtual Disk'} | Set-Partition -PartitionNumber 2 -NewDriveLetter U"

I know it's very lazy command, but it works. I hope, it will be useful to you and other users.

P.S. : I've been struggling with reconstruction Windows Server 2022 to Windows 10 for three weeks now. I've reached the last point. I will try to download only the 'Branding' folder of Win10 from Microsoft's server by CURL. I guess it will be difficult to just download this folder from Boot.wim. Because many languages means many byte ranges. At this stage I remembered your GetWAIKTools software and still appreciate it.

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Yeah, there are still problems in some places with the empty combobox.
Guess I really have to go through all the 100k+ lines of source code to get them all :ph34r:

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What I don't understand is how WinNTsetup ended up using the directory where I had the drivers for my Win7 installs.

Are you simply searching on inf files and applying them when the combo box is empty?


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