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  1. @JFX, Thank you for your reply and info. I will consult to you soon about an off-topic (from PM because of I don't know your e-mail).
  2. @JFX: I always use WinNTsetup. I don't never use (and liked) Windows Setup (Boot.Wim). Thank you for your efforts and updates. I have a few notes. 1) WinNTSetup_x86.exe's v3.8.7.4 gives that error: "An internal error occurred in the Win32 x86 emulation subsystem." For technic details is here. I keep to installs lastest the Visual C++ Runtime Installer (All-In-One) by Burdafel. Actually no need WinNTSetup_x86.exe for me when running in win10 x64. It's works all Win7 PE. Still, I just wanted to you informed. Because WinNTSetup_x86.exe's version working without this WOW error given in Win10-x64-(v1607). Strange. 2) In Command lines options unlisted -noapply 3) First Suggestion: I know, The WinNTsetup's ChangeLog contained description in the RAR package. But only there. I recommends you that created new folder (for example: Documents) in the RAR package. And can be added Changelog.txt/History.txt in Documents folder? Also WinNTsetup's full command-lines as file in again this folder(CommandLines.txt)? 4) Second Suggestion: WinNTsetup opens the Format feature from "F" button. I would recommend a new button next to it: "Only Delete Windows Folders". I prepared (and using) this batch file (of course it lazy coding and can made more optimization, like you masters). So, No need format to disc/partition. Thus it's enough to extract files from WIM file. I'm sorry, my bad English. Regards...
  3. Hello again JFX, I installed Windows 8.1 to external a USB disk. Expect a issue, it's working perfectly. The issue is BSOD: Temprarily solution, press F8 -> 7 (Disable Digital Signature). So, this issue is bypassed. I want to permanent solution. Changed BCD settings. Unfortunately, it didn't work. My settings:Windows Boot Loader-------------------identifier {default}device partition=M:path \windows\system32\winload.exedescription Windows 8.1locale en-usloadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKSinherit {bootloadersettings}nointegritychecks Yestestsigning Yesallowedinmemorysettings 0x15000075osdevice partition=M:systemroot \windowsresumeobject {269ac742-f4d7-11e4-943f-0008c9a21607}nx OptInbootmenupolicy Standarddetecthal YesHow can I solve the issue?
  4. @MagicAndre1981: Thank you for your interest and analyze. I got it. I already would be buy a SSD. I know, boot times definitely will be change. Thanks again. Best regards.
  5. Dear JFX, Thank you very much for the reply and your command-line tip. Though need select a WIM, this cmd lines through apply mount and preassigment together tweaks. It was just the way i wanted it Why am I want? Because I often doing customize on windows. Sometimes windows broken. Need replace from original registry files. Also sometimes another situtations need mount & preassigment. Also thanks adding command lines to WNS. It's really versatile is tool. God bless your hands. Best regards...
  6. @MagicAndre1981: Firstly, thanks for your help everyone. I have dual windows: Server2003 (NT5.2) and Win7. NT5's boot time is quick (it's very lightweight. Lovely!). NT6's boot time more spend long. (Before, I tried Win8.x. Both it's same.) I did trace to Win7 with xbootmgr. I can't solve why slowing of NT6. Could you analyze my ETL file?
  7. @JFX: Thank you for reply. Mystery is solved. My HDD's integrity is corrupted. Solution: chkdsk e: /x /fdid I spend many days this? I want to cry! Suggestion: Can be add to WinNTsetup that CheckDisk task after BCD settings finished. ****** Like I said, I always setup install.wim to my other hard drives. Therefore, I used to selet "mount drive installation as" and "drive letter preassigment". It's working. Thanks JFX! On some modified (unattended) WIMs the Sysprep phase can't pass. Error messages: from the setup logs in \Panther: Temporarily solution: SHIFT F10 -> \Windows\System32\oobe\msoobe.exe But this time the setup cannot complete properly.(_:\Windows\Setup\State\State.ini -> other messages expect "completed") Where's the harm? Windows Update can't working. From WindowsUpdate.log: JFX, why happening the issue? What is state failure to cause on sysprep phase? Obivously, the issue related any a setting in unattended WIM. I did spend many months but I can't detect why. ****** My request: Sometime, I only want mount and preassigment feature of WinNtSetup. Unfortunately, WNS always want to extract install.wim. Simply because it's keep waiting 15-20 minutes. How am I use mount and preassigment feature without extracting? My purpose: Apply mount and preassigment feature to existed Windows on my drive. WinNTsetup switch WIM extract method (to wimlib) if CTRL+SHIFT+W. (Thanks for wimlib support, too!) Likewise, "no extracting" can be implementing. if it's not too much trouble. Could you do it? I would love to. Thank you for reading and your interesting.
  8. @JFX: Firstly, thank you very much for WinNTsetup and your other useful tools.Secondly, I'm sorry my bad English. I have a issue (and later request, if it's possible). At first, I will writing the issue: I can install Windows 7~10TP Build 9876 to my 2nd HDD with WinNTsetup. But since Win10TP's build 9926 and 10041, it's become strange. In that, after cyan logo/boot phase is disappeared, the PC alway restart. No start sysprep phase, no setup/OOBE settings/desktop. I tried almost every ways for solution: using wimlib instead of wimGapi, BCD parameters, tweaks service/drivers in Reg hives, what not. No change. Also I tried another way without WinNTsetup. Extracting Install.wim with WimLib. wimlib-imagex.exe extract install.wim 1 --dest-dir=e:\bootsect.exe /nt60 e: /mbr /forcebcdboot e:\windows /s e:No change. No BSOD, no any dump or log file. Again, after logo, PC is restarting cycle. Finally, I tried Windows' own Setup phases (directly running original Setup on ISO). The Windows Setup (Boot.WIM Image:2) can install normal way. After install progress is finished, PC restart. Okay. After logo is loading, the white OOBE/sysprep phase is coming. No reset loop. I very suprised that. What is make settings Windows Setup, besides of bootsect, BCDboot? I just can't detect.
  9. @JFK: Thank you for reply. Meanwhile, Note to everyone: Windows 8.1 (NT 6.3) ADK/WAIk Tools dropped support for NT 5.x. For example Win 8's imagex.exe can working NT 5.1 and 5.2.
  10. @JFX: Wondferful the tool. Thank you very much. As you know, Windows 8.1 Update is released. I think, also WAIK tools is updates. I detected direct link from the "0" XML file inside of adksetup.exe in http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=39982 I hope, this links be helpful. WADK for Windows 8.1 Update Version 8.100.26629; Last-Modified: 21 Feb 2014 http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Application%20Compatibility%20Toolkit-x64_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Application%20Compatibility%20Toolkit-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Assessments%20on%20Client-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Assessments%20on%20Server-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Toolkit%20Documentation-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/User%20State%20Migration%20Tool-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Volume%20Activation%20Management%20Tool-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Windows%20Assessment%20Services%20-%20Client%20(Client%20SKU)-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Windows%20Assessment%20Services%20-%20Client%20(Server%20SKU)-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Windows%20Assessment%20Services-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Windows%20Assessment%20Toolkit-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Windows%20Deployment%20Tools-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Windows%20PE%20x86%20x64-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Windows%20System%20Image%20Manager%20on%20amd64-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/Windows%20System%20Image%20Manager%20on%20x86-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/WPT%20Redistributables-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/WPTx64-x86_en-us.msphttp://download.microsoft.com/download/6/A/E/6AEA92B0-A412-4622-983E-5B305D2EBE56/adk/Patches/8.100.26629/WPTx86-x86_en-us.msp
  11. Thank you very much glocK_94 and Tihiy... I am installed Maximus-Decim's Native USB. Unfortunately Canon PowerShot A430 don't support as mass-storage device. WinXP only see as direct hardware(Icon name "Canon PowerShot A430", no drive letter). 98SE2ME no possible because I am usening Turkce version of Win98se. I continue to mounting with card reader... Again, thank you replied.
  12. I can see the camera icon when I connect my new digital camera. By clicking that icon I can copy photos to my hard drive via USB which is very easy with Windows XP. My problem is: I can't do same thing with Win98SE. Is there a solution to do same process for Windows98SE? My solution is: I have a card reader and I'm mounting digital camera's card to card reader to copy photos each time and it's very difficult task for me. Is there an easy way? Please advice. I want to direct camera with connect icon from My Computer(WinXP like). Is possible? Is an upotian?
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